Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib Heighten Anti-Israel Attacks, Suggest Withholding Aid

Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib Heighten Anti-Israel Attacks, Suggest Withholding Aid

Representatives Omar and Tlaib have continued their verbal attacks on Israel and as of today, hinted at cutting billions of dollars in aid to Israel unless Palestinians are given the rights they deem necessary. “We must be asking, as Israel’s ally, the Netanyahu government to stop the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land and ensure full rights for Palestinians if we are to give them aid” said Ilhan Omar.

Omar accused President Trump for wanting to “pit Muslims and Jewish Americans againt each other” while in the same sentence adding “we cannot let Trump and Netanyahu succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation from us…I call on all of you to go. The occupation is real. Barring members of Congress from seeing it does not make it go away. We must end it together.” Her own words are the divisive rhetoric “pitting muslims” against Jews.

These two women are conveniently leaving out a few key pieces of information. First, they were not simply “members of Congress” visiting a foreign country for diplomatic reasons. Omar and Tlaib were meeting with an aggressively anti-semitic group, Miftah, which has published pieces in favor of terror activities against Israel.

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon joined Sandra Smith on America’s Newsroom today saying their trip was nothing more than about coming to Israel to “create provocations.” Israeli Ambassador Danon said “if she really wanted to learn” she would have “come with the rest of Congress and spoken to everyone. Not come with the group that supports terrorism and suicide killers. They don’t speak about a two-state solution,” they say they want a Palestine state that reaches to the sea, meaning there would be no Israel.

Representative Rashida Tlaib even pulled out the theatrical tears saying she just wanted to go visit her grandmother. She was caught in her dishonesty when Israel offered Tlaib permission to visit for humanitarian reasons to see her grandmother, but she decided against it insisting she would not accept Israel’s “racist treatment” of her. In her press conference, Tlaib said her grandmother called her “bird” in Arabic because she was her little bird that could fly, and she did not want to go visit her grandmother in Israel if it meant she “had to be caged.”

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