Republican AG’s Speak Out Against Ongoing Nationwide Riots

Republican AG’s Speak Out Against Ongoing Nationwide Riots

In a Wednesday press conference, Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) members uniformly denounced the nationwide violent riots and the Leftist movement to defund the police.

They also challenged other state AG’s to enforce the rule of law, reports the Federalist.

Georgia AG Chris Carr stated that:

“Over the last 100 days, we have seen brutal acts of violent crime and arson across the country. The defund the police movement has emboldened criminals across the nation, and anyone who does not condemn this movement is helping to turn America into a lawless society.”

Carr continued by pushing back on the Democrat narrative that these have been “mostly peaceful” protests, and that there is no reason to allow lawbreaking:

“Protesters use words, rioters use violence. The first is protected by the First Amendment, and the other is outright lawlessness. You have to respect the rule of law. There is no way that we can protect the First Amendment rights, the fundamental rights of peaceful protesters, if we’re also all being asked to look the other way, to turn a blind eye, or even worse, embrace when somebody is setting a police car on fire, or they’re beating a police officer over the head with a skateboard, or somebody businesses being looted.

“Nobody makes anybody do anything. We choose the actions that we’re going to take and it doesn’t matter where you get it, it is incumbent upon us to uphold the rule of law and be responsible for our own.

“I encourage our friends across the aisle to sit down and discuss these issues because now is the time for civil discourse. Now is not a time for civil unrest in our country. It is time that we all work together and love one another heart to heart, rather than fighting one another.”

Florida AG Ashley Moody and Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge also joined the press conference by phone, accusing Democrats of tolerating the mass riots, arson and looting.

Moody stated:

“Both elected leaders and officials and citizens should be outraged and appalled by the lack of leadership in some of these cities across our nation where we are seeing destruction … Without mayors and other executive leaders and prosecutors willing to do their job and enforce our laws, along with police, the system will break down.”

Rutledge added:

“We have seen the threads of our democracy, being ripped apart for violence, professional rioters tearing at the culture that makes America great.

“I think that this particular issue, with regard to the rule of law versus ‘defund the police,’ can be one of the biggest factors in delivering reelection for Donald J. Trump. Mamas want their children to grow up in safe neighborhoods. Yes, they want an empathetic president or an empathetic leader, but they also want a leader who will provide a safe and secure environment for their children to grow up in.”

The Federalist also reports that the AG’s “pledged to continue bringing awareness and pushing for legal justice with other leaders and elected officials,” and that RAGA has “been running advertisements drawing attention to these issues for the last 12 weeks and would continue to run a new advertisement every week until the election.”

This is a very important development in helping to put a stop to the nationwide chaos. The country cannot take much more of this.

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