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Republicans Finally Demanding Consequences For Schiff’s Ukraine ‘Parody’

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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It’s a great time to be a Democrat in Washington these days. You get to be anti-American, disrespect the office of the Presidency, bully law enforcement and those protecting our border from illegal activity and then go home and sleep at night with zero consequences.

Thankfully, there may be at least one small consequence for one big immoral blunder. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has repeatedly lied and walked the line of treason. Schiff lied to the American people in a television interview where he claimed “we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.” We then come to find, oddly enough from the New York Times, that Schiff’s committee staff met with the whistleblower prior to the complaint filing and every bit of information was communicated to Schiff.

It gets worse. When Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire was on Capitol Hill to defend his part in handling the whistleblower’s complaint, Schiff read off his own, fabricated version of Trump’s call with Zelensky. “I have a favor I want from you” as he read from a paper as if in a high-school drama class. “And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it, on this and on that.” Schiff defended his remarks as being in jest and exaggerated. His colleague Nancy Pelosi claims they “take this very seriously.” Really?

Now, according to The Hill, “House Republicans are ramping up their efforts to formally rebuke House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.” Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) who is the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, “revised his censure resolution to include language blasting the California Democrat for hs comments on the committee’s interactions with a whistleblower whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry, alleging Schiff purposely misled the public.”

Prior to the revision, the initial version gained 140 GOP co-sponsors and “called for Schiff’s resignation over his ‘parody’ remarks” during the hearing in September. As The Hill reports, “the censure vote, which is intended to allow Congress to publicly show its disapproval of a member’s behavior, faces an uphill battle in the Democratic-controlled House.”

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