Republicans Seek to Subpoena Hunter Biden and “Whistleblower”

Republicans Seek to Subpoena Hunter Biden and “Whistleblower”

Ranking House Intelligence Committee Member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has requested that both Hunter Biden and the “whistleblower” be subpoenaed to appear before Congress.

In a letter to Intel Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, Nunes and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) call the impeachment hearings a “sham.”

“The American people understand how you have affirmatively prevented Republicans from examining serious issues directly relevant to the issues,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter. “Therefore, to provide some basic level of fairness and objectivity to your ‘impeachment inquiry,’ we intend to subpoena the anonymous whistleblower and Hunter Biden for sworn testimony in closed-door depositions.”

Fox News reports that the congressmen plan to subpoena the whistleblower’s documents and communications regarding his complaint as well as records surrounding Hunter Biden’s role in the Ukrainian company, Burisma Holdings. They also plan to subpoena communications between the DNC and Ukrainian officials and records relating to DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa.

Chalupa reportedly attempted to solicit anti-Trump dirt from Ukrainian officials during the 2016 election season.

During today’s impeachment hearing, Rep. Nunes announced the release of the letter and said to Rep. Schiff, “We take this step because you fail to ensure fairness and objectivity in this inquiry.”

This will be the second letter Nunes has sent Schiff requesting that Biden and the “whistleblower” appear before the committee.

In that letter, he wrote, “To provide transparency to your otherwise opaque and unfair process, and after consultation with [House Oversight Committee] Ranking Member Jim Jordan and [House Foreign Affairs Committee] Ranking Member Michael McCaul, the American people deserve to hear from the following witnesses in an open setting.”

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