Ric Grenell Confuses CNN Host So Badly That She Has to Lie to Cover For it

Ric Grenell Confuses CNN Host So Badly That She Has to Lie to Cover For it

On Friday, Former acting-DNI Ric Grenell went on Erin Burnett’s CNN show to talk about John Bolton’s upcoming book. As usual, Ric didn’t disappoint.

Burnett tried to suggest that something can’t have both falsehoods and classified information. Of course, this is nonsense, and Grenell was having none of it.

“Of course it can be both,” Grenell replied.

Burnett looked confused, although with the Left, you can never really know if they believe their lies or not.

Grenell continued that anything can have aspects of true information with a false spin, and explained that one can have sources and methods mentioned while intentionally spinning or even outright lying about the main portion of the document.

Grenell also brought up CNN’s reporting on Kim Jong Un, when two months ago the airport channel reported that Kim Jung Un was dead or close to it, as an example of how this can happen. The bottom line ends up false but other relatively irrelevant parts of the reporting may have some truth to them.

Burnett then lied, saying CNN didn’t report on the North Korean dictator’s possible death. But, CNN actually was the first to report it:

After Grenell pointed this out, Burnett had no response and cut the segment. Because CNN has no integrity.


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