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Russell Sage College Announces Course Dedicated To Teaching Students How To Talk, Sneeze, And Cough Like Opposite Sex

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 06/10/2024
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If you thought higher education couldn’t possibly delegitimize itself anymore, think again. Russell Sage College in Albany, New York is launching a “gender-affirming” voice course to teach students how to speak, sneeze, and cough like the opposite sex. 

“The program will offer small group sessions on their Albany campus, focusing on aspects of voice such as pitch, inflection, and resonance,” reported Campus Reform. The program is set to launch in the spring of 2025 and will last twenty hours over the semester. 

A description of the event explains that the course will cover “language and nonverbal communication,” such as “coughing, sneezing, and throat-clearing, because these often affect listener perception of gender.” 

“Modeled after the longstanding program at The College of Saint Rose, sessions will be two hours long, and each semester will include 10 sessions,” Russell Sage’s website adds. “The program allows participants to explore aspects of voice, like pitch, inflection, resonance, articulation, and loudness.”

According to Campus Reform, “Russell Sage’s program is based on a similar program at The College of Saint Rose, which recently announced that it will close this month. The professor who co-founded Saint Rose’s transgender voice modification program, Jack Pickering, has explained that the goal of the program is to 'enhance' a person’s identity.”

“You’re taking a flute and making it play like a piccolo. You’re trying to make the instrument play differently – not to treat a problem, but to help enhance a person’s identity,” said Pickering.

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