S#%^ We Need to Stop Apologizing For

S#%^ We Need to Stop Apologizing For

President Trump has unquestionably changed the game. He’s thankfully thrown the old swamp-rat “apology” game in the trash heap.


Here’s a brief summary of things we should all be fighting for, yet some of the old-guard swamp rats insist on apologizing for:

1) Strong Borders – No more apologizing for demanding that the greatest country on earth place stop signs at the border. Demanding an account of who is entering the country, and why they are here, is only irrational if you’re a radical, far-left, looney tune living in Bizarro Superman land. All the liberal fairytales and flowery speeches on this globe aren’t going to make the narco-trafficking business, the terrorism threat, and the economic threat from the combination of uncontrolled immigration and a “limitless” welfare state, disappear. Secure the damn border, no more excuses.

2) Tax Cuts – Taxes suck. Yep, they suck and it’s time we all said it. Outside of our military, court system, and some basic constitutional functions of our federal government, our tax money is flushed down the toilet bowl. DC swamp goons and bureaucrats have waged a war on your pocketbook and they have confiscated your hard-earned money to finance it. It’s a disgrace. Cut everything possible. No more excuses, and no more apologies. We tried it the swamp’s way and they screwed us all. They buried us all in mounds of debt, and spent your Social Security money, while creating little more than a posse of K Street millionaires. No more apologies. Not a dollar more out of our pockets.

Taxes suck. Yep, they suck and it’s time we all said it.

3) National Security – We can’t afford to be the world’s police force anymore. Foreign adventurism should be relegated to history’s scrap heap. But we cannot ignore the threat presented by an increasingly bold and aggressive China and a ruthless Russian dictator bent on restoring lost “glory.” The message needs to be absolutely crystal clear with regard to our military strength, “Do NOT F#%^ with us.” And if you do, it will hurt, and it won’t be pretty. We do not want conflict. We’ll do everything in our power to seek diplomatic solutions. We are not trying to be high school tough guys. We are simply looking to be effective partners in international commerce and to engage in reasonable international relations. But, if you hurt us, we will unleash a military machine that will make you rue the day you thought you could play games with the lives of America’s finest, and we make no apologies.

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