SalonGate Update: San Francisco to Reopen Indoor Salons

SalonGate Update: San Francisco to Reopen Indoor Salons

Six months after coronavirus lockdowns closed San Francisco’s businesses, the city announced that hotels, gyms, and nail and hair salons will be allowed to reopen on Monday.

According to Breitbart, the city’s director of public health, Dr. Grant Colfax, stated:

Given our local trend in COVID indicators, low-risk, limited-capacity indoor activities may resume. We will continue our gradual reopening as it allows us to monitor the spread, manage its immediate challenges and mitigate the long-term impact on our city.

Although we should be happy that cities are starting to let businesses reopen, it is impossible to ignore the obvious. Salons are clearly only being allowed to reopen because Nancy Pelosi, who represents San Francisco and is the most powerful Democrat in the country, was caught getting a wash and a blowout at a salon without a mask, despite the local lockdown orders.

Likewise, it was also revealed that while San Francisco gyms have been shut down for months, gyms in government buildings have been open for months.

The obvious conclusion is that San Francisco’s decision to let these businesses open is just to save face after the blatant hypocrisy of the city’s elite was exposed.

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