Sarah Palin Threatens Possible Primary Challenge to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

Sarah Palin Threatens Possible Primary Challenge to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

On Thursday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin threatened to challenge current GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski in a primary when Murkowski is up for reelection in 2022.

Following the passing last week of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Murkowski stated that she will not support Ginsburg’s replacement, stating that it is too close to the election for President Trump to make a nomination.

The Daily Wire reports:

Palin posted a video to her Instagram account on Thursday addressed to Murkowski. In it, Palin is standing in front of her home in Alaska and says that she can “see 2022” from her house, a reference to when Murkowski is next up for reelection.

“Lisa Murkowski, this is my house,” Palin begins. “I’m willing to give it up … for the greater good of this country and this great state.”

Early in the her Thursday video, Palin hinted that Murkowski may face repercussions for not voting to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, expected to be announced on Saturday.

“If you can’t find it within yourself to do the right thing this time, and at least give a fair shake to the Supreme Court nominee that your president will be bringing before you, if you can’t find it within yourself to do the right thing, … and [do] what the majority of Americans want you to do, to do what you were sent to Washington, D.C., to do,” Palin says.

“Walk back what you have already committed yourself to. You better backtrack. You know, you have already put yourself in this box saying no matter who it is, you’re not going to support the person, not until you have a chance to appoint a judicial nominee under another president instead of this one,” Palin continues. “You’re hoping, what, that this president doesn’t win? Otherwise, you’d be cooperating with the president. Really, what it is is cooperating with the majority of Americans who know that it’s now or never for America.”

“So much hinges on the Supreme Court. You know the reason, you know why it’s so important, and that’s why you’re thinking you’re going to go rogue. You know, there’s a time and a place to go rogue. This isn’t the time, this isn’t the place. We sure hope you have it within you to do the right thing this time. So you should walk back,” Palin says, adding in a reference to her 2009 book “Going Rogue.”

“We’ll forgive you. Wait … we’ve done this how many times before, though? And we kept saying we’d forgive this? If you can’t do that, remember my house. I can see a lot of things from my house. … Lisa, I can see 2022 from my house,” Palin says.

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Dear Lisa. Murkowski.

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The Daily Wire adds that Palin did the same when Murkowski declined to back now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, instead voting against his confirmation out of the Senate Judiciary Committee for a full Senate vote.

Alaska needs a senator that will stand with our president, especially when he is doing his constitutional duties. It deserves better than a RINO like Murkowski.

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