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Scientists Issue Open Letter Claiming WHO Worked With China to Cover Up COVID-19 Origin

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Yesterday, a group of 24 scientists released an open letter that accused the World Health Organization’s report on the origins of the coronavirus of failing to meet the “most basic standards of credible analysis and assessment.”

According to the letter, the joint WHO/China team began with the presumption that the virus did not come from the bioweapons research lab in Wuhan.

The joint study team saw its priority as seeking a zoonotic origin, not as fully examining all possible sources of the pandemic. Its Terms of Reference did not mention any possible lab-pathway and on the contrary explicitly stated a strict zoonosis origin from the very start (“identify the zoonotic source of the virus”).

When you have a biological weapons lab in the same place that a global pandemic starts, any credible investigation would have to seriously look at the possibility that’s where the virus came from. Of course, how can it be a credible report when,

The joint study report spends a mere 440 words examining the lab-accident pathway – less than 1% of the whole report – and does so in a dismissive and superficial way without considering all the possible versions of that pathway, including a possible infection of a sampling team member by a virus that may never have been isolated or sequenced. The joint study report also makes no mention of the Gain of Function research on bat coronaviruses that was being carried out in Wuhan in the second half of 2019.

In and of itself, just this detail destroys every bit of credibility that the report could possibly have,

The final process utilized by the joint study team for assessing the likelihood of the lab pathway – essentially a show of hands by the joint study team members based on an extremely superficial review – failed to reach some most basic standards of credible analysis and assessment. Further, it is at best unclear whether the Chinese joint study team members had the leeway to express their fair evaluation of all hypotheses in the presence of Chinese government minders.

In other words, this is a joint project between WHO and the Chinese, but the Chinese participants had government minders watching them to make sure they only said exactly what the government wanted them to say.

The good news is that there was so much criticism of this sham report that even WHO is now calling for further research into the origins of the virus. However, the world health organization is so compromised that it is going to be useless for this and China obviously isn’t going to cooperate. What all that probably means is that no report will ever definitively show whether the virus developed naturally in the Wuhan wet markets or came from the biological weapons lab. Barring a defector telling us the truth or the CIA finding the truth by listening in on the Chinese government, we will probably never get to the bottom of the origin of COVID-19.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can follow him on Parler here.

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