SD Governor Noem Rejects Federal Bailouts Due to Good Economic Position

SD Governor Noem Rejects Federal Bailouts Due to Good Economic Position

On Friday evening, South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem announced that the state would be declining extra federal funding for the $400 weekly unemployment insurance increase that the Trump administration extended last week though executive action.

In Noem’s statement, she thanked President Trump, but said that the state did not need it due to its good economic position.

The statement reads:

“Despite significant disfunction in Congress, President Trump continues to problem solve and provide great leadership during this recovery effort,” said Governor Noem. “My administration is very grateful for the additional flexibility that this effort would have provided, but South Dakota is in the fortunate position of not needing to accept it. South Dakota’s economy, having never been shut down, has recovered nearly 80% of our job losses. South Dakota is the only state in the nation that didn’t have extended benefits kick in because our insured unemployment rate has been the lowest in the nation. We have the third best housing construction market in the country. And many, many businesses are looking to relocate to South Dakota because of the decisions we made during the pandemic. South Dakota is open for business – that applies to our business owners and their employees.”

According to National Review, Noem took steps to help control the spread of the coronavirus by issuing an executive order saying that the elderly and those with preexisting conditions should stay at home, while employees in general should practice social distancing and, if possible, telecommute. The order also provided guidance for businesses to follow in order to respond to the pandemic appropriately.

However, Noem is the only governor to have not shut down any businesses since the coronavirus came to the United States. Hence, South Dakota has one of the best economies in the country and does not need a bailout from the federal government.

Make no mistake in thinking that Noem’s decision for her state was easy. It took courage to do what she did for South Dakota, especially in light of every other governor in the country doing the opposite. Courage is a trait that marks a leader—and don’t be surprised if Noem’s name is touted for the national stage in the future.

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