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Seattle and D.C. Mayors do a 180 on “Defund the Police” as Crime Continues Skyrocketing

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Who could’ve possibly predicted that defunding the police in America’s major cities would spark a national crimewave? Just about everyone besides those calling for the defunding.

After a weekend with six shootings, Seattle’s Mayor called for more police – after her defunding and anti-police rhetoric has caused her city to lose 250 officers. D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser followed shortly after, now looking to hire an additional 170 officers through a $11 million one-time budget request. She previously gutted $15 million from the force.

Watch below:

Those reversing course and refunding the police deserve no praise for their actions, as they came only after countless innocent citizens were killed as a result of their prior actions. It’s not like the crime wave following police defunding was an “unintended consequence” that couldn’t have possibly been foreseen by a reasonable person. Everyone saw it coming – and liberals ignored it.

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