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Sen. Ted Cruz Fires Back At BS Washington Post "Fact-Check"

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 02/06/2023
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Senator Ted Cruz fired back at the latest absurd attempt to fact-check him on his podcast. 

On a prior episode, Sen. Cruz highlighted one email from Hunter Biden’s laptop that he said “reads as if it was cut-and-pasted from an official government briefing. An official government briefing that one would infer his father had received. And it reads as if it could easily have come from a classified briefing. We don’t know that. But the level of geopolitical and geo-strategic analysis is the sort of analysis that is often in classified briefings.”

In response, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler attempted to argue that all the email really just proves that “Hunter Biden reads newspapers,” and branded false Cruz’s opinion that a particular email read like a government document.  

Cruz responded:

Did you see this? Over at the Washington Post, fact-checker Glenn Kessler gave us three ‘Pinocchios.’ Why? Because they said we couldn’t prove Hunter Biden’s email about Ukraine that we walked through on an earlier podcast, that we couldn’t prove it came from a Vice Presidential briefing or classified materials. Now, mind you, we didn’t assert that it came from classified materials, we said it has a level of scholarship and erudition that it markedly atypical from anything else Hunter Biden has ever wrote. It reads in the same style and level of analysis one typically sees in these briefings. And I said from having read many of these briefings that much of this could easily be classified. All of those are true - but Glenn Kessler said ‘Well, we’re the Washington Post dammit and it’s our job to be press secretary for the White House.”

Watch in full below:


Cruz’s Special Advisor for Communications Steve Guest previously responded to Kessler last week, blasting his fact-check as trash: “The Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ lives in a world where he issues Pinocchios on legitimate open questions about how Hunter Biden got the information in his emails and then he uses wiggle words like ‘suggest,’ ‘appears,’ or  ‘we’re fairly confident.’”


As is the case with seemingly any conservative regularly targeted by the so-called fact-checkers, no attempted rebuttal of Sen. Cruz is too weak to publish. As I documented in an article last month, the illogic has to be seen to be believed. 

When Sen. Cruz said that antifa rioted in 2020, a Newsweek fact-checker went as far as to call into question whether or not antifa actually exists because they’re not a registered group. 

Back in July 2021 when nearly nearly sixty Texas State House Democrats attempted to block a voter integrity bill by leaving the state to prevent a quorum., Sen. Cruz called for their arrest because “there is clear legal authority to handcuff and put in leg irons legislators that are trying to stop the legislature from being able to do business.” PolitiFact rated this claim false - and then never updated their article when the Texas Supreme Court allowed for the arrest of Democrats who don’t show up to the legislature. That led to arrest warrants immediately being issued for fifty-two Democrats and to the end of their political stunt.

When Sen. Cruz pointed out that unlike Democrats, Republicans have never tried to pack the Supreme Court, a Huffington Post fact-checker redefined what the word “court packing” means and attempted to argue that Republicans have packed the courts because Donald Trump nominated a lot of district court judges and appeals court judges. 

When Sen. Cruz said that the U.S. national debt is larger than the U.S. economy, PolitiFact rated the claim “half-true,”despite the fact that the national debt is larger than the size of the economy, and was when he made his statement.

Matt Palumbo is the author of Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers: How the Left Hijacked and Weaponized the Fact-Checking Industry and The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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