Sen. Graham Sets the Vote on ACB Confirmation for Next Week

Sen. Graham Sets the Vote on ACB Confirmation for Next Week

As I write, the Amy Coney Barrett hearings are in their final day, and Democrats have predictably failed to derail her nomination.

While they came out guns blazing against Brett Kavanaugh, willing to weaponize every smear sent on a postcardagainst him (literally), they took a far more tame approach during ACB’s hearings.

Democrats did interject with some brief moments of insanity, such as Senator Hirono suddenly deciding that the term “sexual preference” is homophobic, or Senator Klobuchar inventing Abe Lincoln quotes to call her nomination a sham, among other examples, it was no where near as tense as the Kavanaugh hearing.

To a large extent this seems to have been because ACB appears to be a full 50 IQ points above everyone attempting to stump her, which has allowed her to refute all criticism seemingly effortlessly. At one point even Diane Feinstein admitted that she was impressed with ACB.

The hearings are nearly over, and ACB is set to be confirmed in record time. Moments ago Senator Lindsey Graham set the vote for ACB’s nomination for next week, October 22nd, at 1PM.

Republican’s hold a 53 seat majority in the Senate. Prior to ACB’s nomination Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski both voiced opposition to appointing anyone before an election, but since the hearings are now ongoing, this doesn’t mean that even they’ll vote against confirming ACB. Even if they were to vote against ACB’s confirmation, it’s still a virtual guarantee that she’ll be the next Supreme Court justice.

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