Senator Hawley Blasts Disney for Thanking Chinese Group Tied to Concentration Camps

Senator Hawley Blasts Disney for Thanking Chinese Group Tied to Concentration Camps

On Wednesday, Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley blasted Disney for thanking the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders in Xinjiang province in the credits of its remake of Mulan.

In Mulan’s credits, Disney gave a special thanks to the authorities in the Chinese province for helping in the movie’s production. However, Xinjiang is the area where the CCP has been committing human rights abuses on a mass scale against the region’s Uighur Muslim population, having forced over a million into concentration camps.

Hawley continued by condemning Disney and asking them to answer questions about the region’s continuing human rights abuses.

According to the Daily Caller, Hawley’s letter to Disney reads as such:

“How exactly does giving ‘special thanks’ to the officials responsible for imprisoning, torturing, and forcibly sterilizing millions of people because of their ethnicities and beliefs align with your supposed commitment to promoting human dignity and respecting human rights?”

The letter goes on to request that Disney answer nine questions by September 30th. The questions pertain to whether Disney acknowledges the human rights abuses in Xinjiang, why they chose to film in the region, and whether the company will donate proceeds from the movie to fight human trafficking.

Hawley’s office is “looking at our options” should Disney fail to answer the questions, a person familiar with Hawley’s plans told the Daily Caller.

Shame on Disney. It deserves whatever backlash it gets from ignoring explicit genocide.

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