Senator Hawley Wants to Subpoena NBA to Hear Explanation of Financial Dealings With China

Senator Hawley Wants to Subpoena NBA to Hear Explanation of Financial Dealings With China

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) wants NBA commissioner Adam Silver to testify about the league’s relationship with China.

On Monday morning’s Hugh Hewitt Show, Hawley told host Hugh Hewitt that, “We deserve to have them explain to us why they won’t stand up to this authoritarian regime. … I mean, it’s not a hard question to answer, do you think that the Chinese government ought to be putting people into concentration camps. Getting these answers is absolutely crucial, and I’m open to just about any avenue to get them. So this is big time money for the NBA, and I think we do deserve to know exactly what they’re making. We’re just talking about basic American principles. This shouldn’t be controversial. This is the stuff that we all agree on as Americans—free speech, freedom of worship.”

Last week, we reported on Hawley’s open letter to Silver concerning the league’s new policy regarding “social justice” messages on jerseys, asking rhetorically if certain messages, such as “Free Hong Kong,” would be allowed.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Hawley said that “at least 10-20 percent” of the $10B in revenue comes from China, which has caused the league to not allow criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The biggest example of this is the uproar in the league caused by the general manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, tweeting “Free Hong Kong” last year.

Then, Hawley addressed the suspension of Adrian Wojnorowski, the ESPN reporter who responded to Hawley’s letter with the reply “F**k you.” “ESPN is trying to distract from the fact that they will not stand up to the NBA and ask the tough questions. I don’t want an apology, and I certainly don’t want the guy suspended. … My point is they won’t even ask the questions, and if you ask the questions, then the response is F you.”

Good for Hawley. The American people deserve to know the answers to where the NBA stands on the CCP and where their ticket money is really going.

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