Sen Tim Scott Predicts Major Increase in Black Support for Trump in 2020

Sen Tim Scott Predicts Major Increase in Black Support for Trump in 2020

Republican Senator Tim Scott (SC) believes President Trump will see a 50 percent increase in support from black voters in the 2020 election.

Speaking to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Scott said, “President Trump will see a 50 percent increase in his African-American support.”

“It will go from 8 percent in 2016 to a minimum of 12 percent in 2020. He may even get to 15 percent of the African-American vote, and that is game over!” he added.

When asked why he believed this to be the case, Scott said, “Well, listen to what the Democrats are saying. They have top-tier candidates that say red-lining was a good thing, having a negative impact on African-American home ownership.”

Scott was referring to Michael Bloomberg and his comments in 2008 where he blamed the financial crisis on the end of “redlining” which stopped banks from providing mortgages in low income neighborhoods.

“And what is President Trump doing during the same time?” Scott asked. “Simple. He had an executive order to increase affordability of home ownership, and African-American home ownership since he took office is up about 2 percent.”

The Senator cited Bloomberg’s support for the controversial “stop and frisk” policy in New York City and said, “Compare that against President Trump’s criminal justice reform packages that are making the justice system more fair for African-Americans disproportionately than it has been in a long time, at least thirty years!” recently reported that a Rasmussen poll found President Trump’s approval rating among black likely voters at 42 percent, with 29% “strongly” approving.. One year prior, only 21 percent approved.

Scott isn’t the only one who foresees Trump’s potential with the black community. Democrats have sounded the alarm, warning their party of his surging popularity among black voters.

Recently, on CBS’s Face the Nation, Democrat political analyst Jamal Simmons, expressed his concern with support for the president from black Americans.

“I’m gonna send this flag up to the Democratic Party — people need to understand this. We talked to Terrance Woodbury, who’s a young African American pollster. He has been saying for months that he thinks President Trump has been going very hard at African American men, particularly young African American men.”

Simmons cited Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as well as funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) as possible reasons for increasing support for the president from the black community.

CNN’s Van Jones has also recently claimed Democrats have taken the black vote “for granted.”

“Our party is ‘We’ll spend a billion dollars on an election and 97% of the campaign dollars go to white male-owned firms.’ So you know, again, what is it that we’re getting out of this relationship? I think that it can strengthen the African-American community overall having the competition between the two parties. For a long time, the black vote was taken for granted by Democrats and written off by Republicans. That’s not happening this year.”

“I would accuse my party at this point of having engaged in three years of fantasy football politics where we said, ‘OK, don’t worry. Trump is never going to be seated because the Electoral College won’t seat him.’ Remember that?” Jones continued.

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