Shady Schiff Issues Surprise Subpoenas to Michael Flynn, Rick Gates

Shady Schiff Issues Surprise Subpoenas to Michael Flynn, Rick Gates

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has subpoenaed former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump deputy campaign manager Rick Gates for documents and testimony relating to the phony Trump-Russia investigation.

“Both Michael Flynn and Rick Gates were critical witnesses for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, but so far have refused to cooperate fully with Congress,” Schiff said in a statement. “That’s simply unacceptable. The American people, and the Congress deserve to hear directly from these two critical witnesses.”

In a letter accompanying Gates’ subpoena, Schiff writes, “While the Committee understands that your cooperation agreement with the Department of Justice only requires you to testify for the Department, the Committee is disappointed that you do not view your cooperation more broadly as an obligation to assist the United States of America, and not merely the Department of Justice.”

Schiff wrote to Flynn that cooperating with the committee would “further underscore to your sentencing judge that ‘you’ve done everything you possibly can for the United States of America,’ not just the Department of Justice.”

Gates told Fox News he was unaware of the subpoena and would discuss it with his lawyers.

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, did not comment to Fox.

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