House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is confident that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify publicly about the Russia probe.

Speaking to MSNBC host Chris Hayes last night, Schiff said his committee was talking with the Special Counsel’s office.

“We’re in conversation with the Special Counsel’s office and it’s not that they’ve confirmed a date but this is going to happen,” he said. “It has to.”

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“You have to start–I think–with the man who did the investigation and I think the Republicans and the Attorney General even understand that. That’s why Barr has said repeatedly he’s not going to stand in the way of Mueller testimony. I think thats because he knows he can’t.”

When asked if Mueller’s testimony would be public, Schiff said he thinks the Judiciary Committee hearing would be “completely in open session.”

“In our committee [House Intelligence] we might have part of it in open and part of it closed.”