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SHOCKING: Another ‘Brave’ Former Trump Official Refuses to Release Identity with New Book

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Democrats are going through assinine measures to make sure the “whistleblower” of the Trump call with President Zelensky of Ukraine does not have to “reveal himself.” What coward is unwilling to come out and say they stood up for what they believed in, despite the consequences, which would frankly not be more than some people being mad at them. What would knowing their identity really do, anyways?

Regardless, another “brave” foot soldier has decided to come forward…for a second time; once again as anonymous. CNN just reported that the same “senior Trump administration official” who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, titled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” on September 5, 2018 is now coming out with a book, simply titled “A Warning.” How dramatic.

CNN’s report details comical actions being taken to protect this person’s identity. “CNN has exclusively obtained a cover of the book, which has been a closely guarded secret until now and will be released November 19.” Once the book is released, “the author will remain anonymous” and sources say “elaborate precautions have been taken to protect the author’s identity.”

Why? It is insulting to the real heroes who must keep their identities a secret to act as if this person is a national treasure. It is only setting a dangerous precedent that one is very important if they have an opinion that will make Democrats foam at the mouth.

A draft press release from the publisher claims the book is “picking up from where those first words of warning left off, this explosive book offers a shocking, first-hand account of President Trump and his record.” Ok, fine. Go ahead and write a book venting and complaining about your former boss and leave it up to public opinion to decide if it’s worth reading. But why pretend to be so self-important that your name cannot be uttered.

Taking these actions for anonymity should be held for those who deserve it, such as Seal Team Six, or the man who shot Bin Laden. That’s where Democrats’ morals greatly differ from the GOP. Under the Obama Administration the identity of Seal Team Six was revealed, leaving them to be targeted by terrorists resulting in the loss of hundreds of our heroes. These brave men and women wanted to remain anonymous for just cause.

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