Sidney Powell Does Not Mince Words When Responding to Obama

Sidney Powell Does Not Mince Words When Responding to Obama

Last week, after the DOJ rightfully decided to drop its case against former national security advisor General Michael Flynn, former President Barack Obama told a group of Obama alumni, “The news over the last 24 hours I think has been somewhat downplayed—about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn. “And the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free,” he continued. “That’s the kind of stuff where you being to get worried that basic—not just institutional norms—but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

On Wednesday though, Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell responded by open letter, and it held back nothing. It told Obama that his “statement was entirely false.” It called out the former president and other Obama administration officials, and laid out several points making the case about why Obama was wrong.

The letter corrected Obama by noting that Flynn was not charged with perjury, saying that “A perjury prosecution would have been appropriate and the Rule of Law applied if the Justice Department prosecuted your former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for his multiple lies under oath in an investigation of a leak on he knew he caused.”

Powell then spoke of Obama’s blatant, audacious hypocrisy, by bringing up his own officials, especially his “wingman” former AG Eric Holder, saying that, “the inability of anyone in your alumni association to find ‘anybody who has been charged [with anything] just getting off scot-free’ would be laughable were it not so pathetic.”

The letter closed by saying that “‘the ‘leaked’ comments from your alumni call further evinces your obsession with destroying a distinguished veteran of the United States Army who has defended the Constitution and this country ‘from all enemies, foreign and domestic,’ with the highest honor for thirty-three years. He and many others will continue to do so.”

You can read the letter in full here.

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