Some BLM Activists In Salt Lake City May Face Charges Carrying Life-Sentences

Some BLM Activists In Salt Lake City May Face Charges Carrying Life-Sentences

Some Black Lives Matter rioters in Salt Lake City, if convicted, could face life in prison for splashing red paint and smashing windows.

According to Fox News, the felony criminal mischief charges are more serious because they carry a gang enhancement. On Wednesday, prosecutors said this was justified because the rioters worked together to cause thousands of dollars in damage.

One of the rioters facing a potential life sentence over felony criminal mischief and riot charges, Madalena McNeil, said that this “is so far beyond just the enforcement of the law, it feels retaliatory… It’s really frustrating and scary … I just feel so much concern for what this means for the right to protest in general.” Fox reports that the charging documents say McNeil bought red paint at a Home Depot before the July 9 demonstration sparked by a fatal police shooting ruling, and later “yelled at and shifted her weight as if to slam into police during the demonstration,” charges state.

While these type of punishments have precedent, the Salt Like City District Attorney, Sim Gill, said that the “demonstrators are unlikely to serve prison time.” According to Fox, Gill is a “generally reform-minded Democrat who said he has participated in Black Lives Matter protests himself and declined to charge dozens of protesters accused of curfew violations.” However, Gill said that “there’s some people who want to engage in protest, but they want to be absolved of absolved of any behavior. This is not about protest, this is about people who are engaging in criminal conduct.”

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