Soros Backed Activist Nandini Jammi Linked to Antifa Journo Accused of Predatory Behavior

Soros Backed Activist Nandini Jammi Linked to Antifa Journo Accused of Predatory Behavior

According to a new exposé’, Chad Loder, an associate of the Soros-backed activist Nandini Jammi, has been accused of predatory behavior, among various other misdeeds.

Jammi is known for harassing advertisers into dropping ads on right-wing websites by lying about them, and has recently set her sights on “The Post Millennial,” labeling the Jewish-owned publication a “Neo Nazi” website. She was joined by self-described Antifa journalist Chad Loder in that effort, likely because of their continued reporting on his antics.

Interestingly, Loder doesn’t seem to live up to the standards that Jammi sets for others, to put it mildly.

According to The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo:

Loder has a history of racism and extremism that he’s since tried to scrub from existence. On at least two occasions he’s tried to now hide, Loder has referred to black people he disagrees with as “buck dancers.” Buck dancing was a racist stage routine used by minstrel performers, often in black face, in 19th century America.

On Sept. 29, Loder tweeted out a portrait of Jordan Dixon-Hamilton, a conservative activist and law student at Pepperdine University, with the text, “Imagine being so unsuccessful in life that the only move you got left is to buck dance for Nazis. Corny ass.”

This wasn’t the only instance of Loder targeting a black person in a racist tweet. In February this year, he tweeted out a flyer for a conservative event in Yucaipa, Calif. that featured several black speakers. “How much do you think they get paid to buck dance at a Civil War reenactment in front of a bunch of white supremacists?” Loder wrote. And in October 2020, Loder posted a photograph of a black conservative activist who was severely bleeding after being assaulted. “Sounds like San Francisco doesn’t like fascists coming to their city. FA/FO [F—k around, find out],” Loder tweeted.

Loder also has a history of expressing particular disdain for Israel using anti-Semitic tropes where Jews are compared to Nazis and genocidaires. In May, Loder called Israel a “white supremacist state” supported by white supremacists. He also referred to a group of Jewish people holding an Israeli flag in Los Angeles as “zionist fascists.”

In August 2020, Twitter user “@sladeofyaupon” posted screenshots of a direct message from Loder where he sent her an unsolicited shirtless photo of himself next to a young child. She wrote: “Women should be able to participate in activist communities without dealing with creepy dudes. I only followed @/chadloder because I thought he would be a useful comrade. I’m angry.”

Jackie Singh, a left-wing cybersecurity expert who worked for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign on security matters, initially defended Loder for being an ally but then later tweeted tersely: “I retract my support for this individual [Loder].”

In May 2021, a second woman posted screenshots of a direct message from Loder making comments on her appearance. “Y’all don’t have to boost this but I just want everyone to be aware this dude hopped in my DMs hitting on me,” she wrote.

It sure is interesting the levels of depravity Nandini Jammi is willing to tolerate when it comes from her side.

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