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“Squad” Rep. Ayanna Pressley Made Thousands on Rental Property While Demanding We Cancel Rent

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Squad member Ayanna Pressley has been a strong advocate of canceling rent during the pandemic. She has talked about the issue numerous times on social media, leading the charge on the issue.

Incidentally, we could go on from there. However, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Pressley appears to have been collecting rent herself during the pandemic.

Pressley and her husband made as much as $15,000 in rental income in 2019 after purchasing a $658,000 Boston home, according to property records and financial disclosures reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The income appears to come over the course of four months—the unit was first listed for $2,500 a month in June 2019 and the posting was removed in August.

Pressley and her husband refinanced the building as a multifamily investment property in August 2020. That requires the couple to maintain rent loss insurance.

Pressley’s office did not return multiple requests for comment on whether the Democrat collected rent during the pandemic, and her real estate agent also did not return a request for comment.

…The lawmaker’s building serves as both a primary residence and rental property, with the Democrat living in one unit and renting out the other.

Of course, it is theoretically possible that once the pandemic hit, Pressley virtuously lived up to her principles, canceled rent for her tenant and now, is just so humble that she doesn’t want to talk about it, which is why she refuses to comment on the story and….hahahahahahaha. Sorry, couldn’t keep that up. We all know better. Pressley isn’t commenting because she’s a hypocrite. She has been publicly calling for rent to be canceled, but almost certainly didn’t do it herself.

The truth is that nobody should be asked to cancel rent and there never should have been an eviction moratorium. At this point, the eviction moratorium should have already been ruled as a violation of the Takings Clause of the Constitution, “Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

That is exactly what has been done during the pandemic. Isn’t it funny that we tossed around all these trillions of dollars in stimulus bills, but the government couldn’t be bothered to just give tenants the money they needed to pay their rents instead of creating a financial crisis for landlords who had every right to be paid for allowing people to live on their property? It’s typical government “help.” When the government steps in, it usually creates a bigger problem than the one it is supposedly trying to solve.

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