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St. Louis Prosecutor Who Charged McCloskeys on the Verge of Losing Her Law License

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Soros backed St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner, who chose to charge the McCloskeys for defending their property from threatening, trespassing members of Black Lives Matter, could lose her law license over misconduct in the case of former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

According to court documents, the Missouri Chief Disciplinary Counsel has concluded there is probable cause that Gardner is “guilty of professional misconduct” in the case. Gardner will now have to defend her actions in front of a disciplinary hearing panel that is likely to take her law license if they decide she’s guilty. According to the Washington Examiner:

In January 2018, the top attorney contracted William Don Tisaby, a private investigator who was later charged with perjury and evidence tampering, to help conduct an inquiry into Greitens, who at the time was accused of inappropriate extramarital contact with an anonymous individual identified as “K.S.”

Greitens was eventually indicted on one count of invasion of privacy, a felony, for allegedly taking and transmitting a photograph of someone who was partially nude. In May 2018, he accepted a plea deal and resigned from his post.

Authorities now say Gardner concealed investigation details from her team, failed to disclose facts to Greitens’s legal team, and misrepresented evidence to a court of law.

Gardner has voraciously denied the allegations as she faces the prospect of suspension or losing her law license. The top prosecutor said the investigation is “another attempt” by her political foes to diminish her character, she claimed in a 41-page retort.

Gardner is definitely not an honest prosecutor. If she was, she would have never charged the McCloskeys in the first place. She also wouldn’t have gotten kicked off of that case by the judge for using her prosecution of the McCloskeys in fund raising emails that she sent out as part of her reelection effort.

So, would it be a surprise if someone who has shown that they put politics ahead of the law did it in the Greitens case? Not at all. Kim Gardner is a disgrace to the justice system and people like her destroy the American people’s respect for the law. If the Missouri Chief Disciplinary Counsel finds that Gardner didn’t stick to the law, let’s hope they don’t cut her any breaks.

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