Study (Unsurprisingly) Finds MSM Obsessed with Impeachment Coverage, 93% Anti-Trump Reporting

Study (Unsurprisingly) Finds MSM Obsessed with Impeachment Coverage, 93% Anti-Trump Reporting

A new study from the Media Research Center found that the mainstream media (unsurprisingly) obsessed over Democrats’ sham impeachment efforts and preempted regular programming with 124 hours of live coverage on the topic in the 100 days since the inquiry began.

ABC, CBS and NBC “aggressively aided” the calls for impeaching President Trump, granting him 93 percent negative coverage.

Newsbusters reports that from September 24-January 1, the Media Research Center tallied 1,053 evaluative comments about President Trump, of which, 93 percent were negative.

When it came to impeachment “reporting,” ABC, CBS and NBC evening news spent a combined 849 minutes on the topic.

“For comparison,” writes Newsbusters, ” after Special Counsel Robert Mueller was named back on May 17, 2017, it took those same newscasts more than twice as long (until December 29 of that year, or 226 days) to register the same amount of airtime for the Russia investigation. In other words, the networks are spending more than twice as much airtime on the Ukraine probe as they did on the Russia probe.

Network news outlets were so obsessed with impeachment and the Ukraine investigation, they barely had time to cover other major news topics.

For instance, the networks spent 126 minutes on withdrawing troops from Syria, 78 minutes on the fight against ISIS, 19 minutes on North Korea, 17 minutes on immigration and a mere 9 minutes on trade and the economy.

The President’s massive bipartisan victory with the USMCA trade deal received a total of just 66 seconds of coverage.

When it came to the special daytime coverage, networks granted a total of 124 hours to impeachment activities. ABC granted 40 hours, 24 minutes, CBS granted 39 hours, 24 minutes and NBC gave Democrats a whopping 44 hours, 32 minutes on their efforts.

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