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STUDY: Wolf Blitzer’s CNN Show a “Weeklong Promo for Dem Investigations”

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A Media Research Center (MRC) study has found that Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show last week was a “weeklong promo” for Democrat’s anti-Trump investigations.

MRC found that during his 10 interviews–all with Democratic lawmakers–Blitzer asked 86 questions favoring the Democrat’s agenda, and just three questions challenging the agenda.

Newsbusters writes, “Blitzer framed his paltry three challenges to Democrats as party-line criticism coming from Republicans (‘as Republican are alleging…’, ‘Republicans say…’). In each case he asked no follow-up questions regardless of what answer he received.”

In some instances, Newsbusters writes, Blitzer seemed to push his guests to be more aggressive in their investigation into the Trump administration.

When prodding Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), Blitzer asked, “The White House is indicating they are not in any mood to cooperate with your investigation. Why haven’t you issued subpoenas?”

For the full report, click HERE.

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