Suddenly Sondland Was Cured of Amnesia? Top Diplomat Revises Testimony

Suddenly Sondland Was Cured of Amnesia? Top Diplomat Revises Testimony

A most unusual occurrence happened today as two more deposition transcripts on the impeachment probe were released. It was revealed that E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland “revised his prior testimony to say that he told a top Ukrainian official that U.S. aid would likely not resume until the country issues a corruption statement” reported Fox News.

The Associated Press reported that a “three-page update” from the Ambassador was “tucked beneath hundreds of pages of sworn testimony released Tuesday.” Text messages from September were released between Sondland and Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, in which Sondland wrote there is no quid pro quo. Specifically, his text said “The President has been crystal clear: no quid pro quo’s of any kind…The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.”

So what happened to jolt Sondland’s memory back? The revised testimony notes that Sondland says “his memory was refreshed by the opening statements of two other key witnesses who have testified in the impeachment inquiry.” Sondland was one of the lucky ones who was privy to the testimony of witnesses. Democrats won’t let other Republican members in the secret room, yet witnesses were able to “refresh” Sondland’s memory with their opening statements?

Sondland also explained to the committees that a phone call had occurred with President Trump which appears to unambiguously show he had no intentions nor desire of a quid pro quo. Sondland said Trump was in a “bad mood” on the call where he almost hung up. Despite the bad mood, Sondland explained when asked the President specifically whether the White House was withholding military aid in hopes for an investigation by Ukraine, Trump responded “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.”

A statement released by White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham today said transcripts are falling short of providing evidence for the “illegitimate impeachment sham than previously thought.” Additionally, Grisham stated Sondland “cannot identify any solid source” for his “presumption” that there was a link to the aid. At best, today has provided zero clarity, except to confirm that nothing can be clarified.

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