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Supercut: All the Times Democrats Pretended Biden’s Mental State Was A-OK

  • by:
  • Source: Bongino
  • 07/10/2024
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The entirety of the media and the Democrat establishment has seemingly turned on a dime against Joe Biden following his disastrous debate with Donald Trump, presenting themselves as if they suddenly just discovered that Biden isn’t all there mentally. 

While they’re finally speaking the truth for once, it’s only because they’re being forced to. While they’re already Pravda to us, the average non-conservative voter isn’t going to forget what they saw during that debate, and the media risks losing what little credibility they have left if they were to try to deny what we saw with our own eyes.

The same has been the case for Congressional Democrats, who, like the media, also know that Biden’s odds of winning the presidential election are tanking and are now fine admitting that someone in a coma is more coherent than him because they want to replace him.

But as a compilation posted by Speaker Johnson's rapid response team director Bobby LaValley showed, they didn’t always sing that tune - and they all knew better.

Watch below for just some of the many cases:

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