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Surprise: CNN Lies About Poll About Coronavirus Vaccine and Return to Normal Life

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CNN tweeted this week that a Gallup poll found that 68% of Americans want a vaccine for the Wuhan virus before returning to work.

Via TheBlaze, the now-deleted tweet read “68% of Americans say a coronavirus vaccine is needed before returning to normal life, a new survey finds.”

This, obviously, makes it seem like most of the country is too panicked to leave home.

However, as usual, CNN lied. The Gallup poll did not actually say this.

The question Gallup actually asked was,” How important are each of the following factors to you when thinking about your willingness to return to your normal activities?” And when specifically asked about a vaccine for the coronavirus, 68% said “very important.”

But the 68% did not actually say that the vaccine was “needed” to return to normal life—rather they implied that a vaccine is an important factor in considering returning to normal life.

This does not mean that not having a vaccine would be a deal-breaker in returning to normal life. And apparently, only 9% answered “after a coronavirus vaccine is developed.”

CNN later clarified and deleted the tweet:

CLARIFICATION: The headline on this post was updated to clarify that the survey found 68% of Americans say an available vaccine is very important before returning to normal life. The post was also clarified to emphasize that respondents were rating the importance of each benchmark to their willingness to return to regular activities.”

Don’t trust the panic peddlers or the fake news.

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