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Survivor Of Mao’s China: China Used “Wokeness” To Install Communism

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A Chinese woman who survived the rule of  Mao Zedong went on The Sean Hannity Show to warn Americans that the same thing is happening here. Xi Van Fleet explained that the “woke” crowd is using the same tactics the Communists did. The only real difference in her opinion is that “Woke” people are obsessed with race while the Communists were obsessed with class.

She explained:

“Okay, I just want to let the American people know that what’s going on in our school and in our country is really a replay of the Cultural Revolution in China, and I want people to see the similarities and the similarities are terrifying. They use the same ideology, and same methodology, even the same vocabulary. And with the same goal. The ideology is Cultural Marxism. And we were divided into groups as the oppressor and oppressed. And here we use race, and they’re the use class. And the people here who have a different review, were labeled racist. But in the Cultural Revolution, the label is counterrevolutionary. So it is a hat that fits all. And once the hat is on your head, your life is ruined.”

“And the take out methodology is also very similar. It’s cancel culture, we basically canceled the whole Chinese civilization pre-communism. And we changed our school names, street names, store names; we changed even our personal names. My name is Xi and I was named after the city I was born, Xi’an. She means West; it also refers to the imperialism. So I wanted so bad to change my name because I want to be more communist. I’m glad my parents convinced me not to. And the vocabulary is even the same wokeness. And to be specific, we use class wokeness. In Chinese it is [phrase spoken in Chinese], your level of wokeness determine your chance to get the promotion or to get benefit and who decide your level of wokeness and is the party leaders.”

Xi added that, “freedom is fragile, and we can lose it anytime if we don’t defend it.”

What she is saying is absolutely true and quite frankly, a lot more Americans should be deeply worried about where this country is going. When you have large parts of the population that support tearing down statues of the Founding Fathers, embracing something as monstrous as critical race theory, and demanding that Democrats change the way the Senate, Supreme Court, and voting system works so they can have absolute power, it’s like a five-alarm fire. Your freedom is at risk. Your Republic is at risk. Your country is at risk. It’s a serious situation and a lot more Americans should be treating it that way.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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