Sweet! President Trump Leads Bakery’s “Cookie Poll” That Predicted Past Nine Elections

Sweet! President Trump Leads Bakery’s “Cookie Poll” That Predicted Past Nine Elections

Several weeks ago, a reader asked if I had seen the cookie poll from Hatboro, Pennsylvania. He said a bakery decorated cookies with the images of President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. At that time, 4,100 Trump cookies had been sold compared to only 1,650 Biden cookies. He pointed out that in 2016, the number of Trump cookies sold had been only slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton themed cookies. He wrote: “So this looks like a good omen for President Trump in Pennsylvania!”

I wholeheartedly agreed and passed this story on to many of my readers.

Fox News provided an update on this “poll” on Monday and the results are even more amazing. Fox spoke to Kathleen Lochel, the owner of Lochel’s Bakery, who said sales of the Trump-themed cookies have “vastly” outsold the Biden-themed cookies. She said, “We plan on tallying them up tomorrow night, to do our final tally. But right now, Donald Trump is still in the lead…we’ve sold about 28,000 [Trump] cookies to 5,000 [of Biden’s].

Lochel added, “By the end of today’s sales, knowing the orders we have, [Trump cookie sales] should probably approach 29,000.”

“This is definitely by far the busiest we’ve ever been,” Lochel said. She indicated that demand for the cookies this election season has “superseded anything they’ve seen before — including the week leading up to Christmas.”

“I think people just love that they’re participating in something. It brings people together, regardless of the Democrats or Republicans,” she added.

This is the fourth time the bakery has run this poll and Lochel told Fox that it had correctly predicted the winner of the last three elections. With luck, her track record will hold.

Eric Trump visited the bakery, which has obviously given sales a boost, but Trump is also leading in cookie polls that other bakeries are having too. The cookie poll from Ohio’s Busken Bakery has predicted the past nine elections, and they have Trump ahead of Biden too, as of election eve.

Although many will scoff at the homespun and completely unscientific nature of the cookie poll, it just may provide a more accurate read of voter sentiment than what we’re being fed from professional pollsters.

The RealClearPolitics average of recent polls in the state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning shows Biden up 1.2 percent. In mid-October, this number stood at 7 percent. Although polls naturally tighten as Election Day approaches, there are other reasons for this significant shift.

President Trump has barnstormed the state of Pennsylvania. He is drawing massive crowds and is generating unparalleled levels of voter enthusiasm. Attendees at every rally break into chants of “We love you.” Moreover, many rally attendees are Democrats and others report that they did not vote in the last election. This is unprecedented.

At the October 22 presidential debate, Biden stated his plan to “transition away” from the fossil fuel industry. It’s understandable that voters in Pennsylvania, a state where many jobs depend on a healthy oil industry, would not react favorably to Biden’s foolish comment. Biden has also flip-flopped on his support for continued fracking in the U.S. His position on fracking seems to be entirely dependent on his audience. And I think most Pennsylvanians realize that.

Many of the polls – in general – have been wrong because they fail to take into account the shy Trump voter. This was the reason many polls underestimated support for Trump in 2016. And I believe it has become even more of a factor in the 2020 polls. People fear the loss of their jobs, the destruction of their property and other forms of reprisal if they admit their support for Trump.

As unsophisticated as the Pennsylvania cookie poll is, I put more stock into it than I do most of the major pollsters, many of whom (in my opinion) create the result they want.

Here’s to a perfect record for the Lochel and Bakery Busken Bakery poll.

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