Syrian Refugee in Pittsburgh Arrested for Plotting to Attack Church on Behalf of ISIS

Syrian Refugee in Pittsburgh Arrested for Plotting to Attack Church on Behalf of ISIS

A Syrian refugee in Pittsburgh has been arrested for an alleged plot to bomb a Christian church in the city.

The refugee, 21-year-old Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, was arrested yesterday after being charged with one count of “attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS and two counts of distributing information relating to an explosive, destructive device or weapon of mass destruction in relation to a plan to attack a church.”

The FBI claims Alowemer was planning to bomb the Legacy International Worship Center using a weapon of mass destruction. He allegedly believed he was plotting online and in person with ISIS sympathizers, however, they were actually undercover FBI personnel.

Legacy International Worship Center Pastor Michael Day says, “I am grateful nothing did happen and I’m grateful that we are able to show that God covered us and protected us and that people are still alive, and that people are able to hug their children and loved ones.”

The FBI says Alowemer’s bomb would have been very destructive and could have killed many people in the neighborhood even if the church was empty. The refugee was also planning on hiding a second bomb timed to detonate when police arrived.

WTAE writes:

In the criminal complaint, Alowemer is quoted as saying, “After two hours, three hours when the police want to come — then when they’ve all come together. They’ll have to lock down the whole Pittsburgh.”

…The complaint said that Alowemer wanted to leave an ISIS flag to claim credit and a sign saying, “We’ve arrived.”

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