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McCabe: Some FBI Employees “Frustrated” Clinton Wasn’t Charged in Email Scandal

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe admitted in his 2017 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that some FBI employees were “frustrated” and “surprised” that James Comey did not charge Hillary Clinton in the criminal investigation into her private email server.

Breitbart reports:

The claim that some FBI rank-and-file workers lost confidence in Comey following his infamous press conference announcing that no charges would be brought has been in dispute.

Yet in largely unreported testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on December 21, 2017, McCabe confirmed that some FBI personnel were “surprised” and “frustrated” with the result of the Clinton email case as announced by Comey. A transcript of McCabe’s testimony was released three weeks ago by House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, R-Ga.

According to his testimony, McCabe said that while he was unaware of any negative sentiments from the team investigating the email scandal regarding the outcome, he

In his testimony, McCabe said, “..I am aware that the outcome of the case was surprising, and maybe frustrating to many people, including some of the people who work for the FBI.”

“I think, like many people around the country, they were surprised by the result in the case and the fact that we were not recommending pursuing charges,” he said.

“When I say surprise,” he added, “I’m talking about people who heard the Director’s statement on July 5 and were frustrated with that result, not people who were engaged in the investigation or the prosecutors across the street at the Department of Justice.”

McCabe was asked his opinion of Rudy Giuliani’s comments that he had heard from other former bureau agents “there’s a revolution going on” inside the FBI.

“I am not aware of a revolution,” he responded.

“As I said, there was certainly FBI personnel who were surprised and maybe frustrated by that result,” McCabe said.  “Director Comey spent a lot of time, in the months following his announcement, you know, in visits to field offices and interactions with retired agents’ groups, and things like that, answering a lot of questions about why we had done what we had done.”

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Nunes SLAMS “Dirty Cops” Comey, McCabe

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) slammed former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as “dirty cops” last night on Fox News’ Hannity.

Nunes’ comments came after Hannity played a clip of Comey’s December interview with MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace where he bragged about sending over FBI agents to interview Lt. General Michael Flynn at the White House when the administration was unprepared, ultimately setting up a perjury trap.

“What I would say this, Sean is in the future when you look up the word ‘dirty cop,’ if you have a fair and free internet, you will see the pictures of Comey and McCabe,” Nunes said.

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“These guys make [J. Edgar] Hoover look like a saint. I had actually had never seen that clip you just played, but that’s absolutely despicable with the head of the FBI would think it’s funny and cute to send over these FBI agents to interview the national security advisor for the president of the United States and walk out and say, ‘We don’t think the guy is lying,’ but instead, what do you do? You double down,” the Congressman continued.

He concluded, “Closing with this — let’s not forget. The biggest leak of all of the leaks was the leak of General Flynn, the incoming national security advisor for the president of the United States, talking to the Russian ambassador.”

New Transcript: Strzok/Page Text Messages “Freaked Out” Top FBI Lawyer

Top FBI Lawyer James Baker told Congress that reading just “a couple” of text messages between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page “freaked” him out, according to CNSNews.

A newly released transcript of Baker’s October, 2018 testimony reveals the former top bureau lawyer said messages between the two lovers “worried” him and that he was concerned whether some decisions in the Clinton email investigation may have been “driven by political bias.”

Strzok–as CNSNews points out–was the lead counterintelligence investigator in both the Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation and Page was an FBI attorney assigned to work with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The two lovers exchanged thousands of text messages which included pro-Clinton, anti-Trump rhetoric.

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Baker told Congress, “So I only read like a couple [Strzok/Page text messages], literally a couple. But that was enough for me to hear, that it freaked me out. And I was worried and I thought we need to get on top of this quickly.”

In the testimony, a Republican staffer asked Baker, “[I]t’s my understanding you played a very unique role early on with requesting that an inspection be done of the Midyear [Clinton email investigation] case once these texts became known.”

Baker replied:

So, yes, when I heard about these texts, I only read a few of them. They were described to me. And I immediately became quite alarmed. And so my thinking was, well, from a — from the — okay. I don’t know what — I know that — I knew that the inspector general was looking at them. I knew that they would address them. And so I knew that there was a process in place.

So what I was concerned about is whether — whether any decisions had been taken — or not taken — in the Midyear case that were driven by political bias of any sort. I was quite worried about that. And I wanted to make sure that we as an institution, the Bureau as an institution, got on top that extremely quickly.

And so I suggested to the leadership that we put together some type of team — I didn’t exactly know how to do that, but I consulted with other folks — to basically do a review of the case and have an independent group of people come in and look at and assess whether any decisions were made that looked unusual, that looked like they were driven by bias, decisions made, actions taken, or things not done.

That’s what I was also worried about, the omissions, right? So we talked about that, and there was an agreement to do that, and eventually it was set up and it was done.

At the outset I was also quite worried, knowing full well that the inspector general’s office was doing an investigation, that I didn’t want to mess up anything that they were doing. And so we worked in coordination with the inspector general. I actually spoke to him and made sure that he knew what we were doing — and his staff — knew what we were doing, why we wanted to do it, to make sure that it was okay with him. And he approved it, his office approved it.

So we went forward with this review, sort of done quietly off to the side. But from my perspective it was incumbent upon us as good managers to actually be good managers and to do this.

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New McCabe-Page Texts Reveal DOJ was Concerned with Potential Bias in FISA Application

Text messages from 2016 between former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page reveal that a senior DOJ official had “continued concerns” about the “possible bias” of a source integral to the Carter Page FISA warrant application, according to Fox News.

On October 12, 2016, Lisa Page wrote to McCabe, “OI [Office of Intelligence] now has a robust explanation re any possible bias of the chs [confidential human source] in the package. Don’t know what the holdup is now, other than Stu’s continued concerns.”

Fox was told the texts were connected to the Page FISA application.

Fox News writes, “It’s unclear whether the confidential source in question was Steele or another individual. ‘Stu’ was an apparent reference to Stuart Evans, then the DOJ’s National Security Division deputy assistant attorney general. In one previously unearthed and since-unredacted text message, former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok texted Lisa Page that he was ‘Currently fighting with Stu for this FISA’ in late 2016.”

“Strong operational need to have in place before Monday if at all possible, which means to ct tomorrow,” Page added. “I communicated you and boss’s green light to Stu earlier, and just sent an email to Stu asking where things stood. This might take a high-level push. Will keep you posted.”

Minutes later, Page wrote to McCabe, “If I have not heard back from Stu in an hour, I will invoke your name to say you want to know where things are, so long as that is okay with you.”

Other text messages reveal Page sent McCabe at least two anti-Trump articles. One article called Trump a “useful idiot” for Vladimir Putin and another said the President one of the greatest threats to national security.

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Disgraced McCabe Defends FBI’s Use of Steele Dossier in FISA Warrant Application

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is defending the bureau’s use of the discredited anti-Trump dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page.

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reports that in an interview with New York Times reporter Adam Goldman, McCabe said, “I do believe that we adequately notified the FISA Court of the information we were using, and what we thought of the information.”

Defending the FBI’s FISA application process, McCabe said they go “into great detail about our previous relationship, what we thought of the information we were getting from him, how we understood his involvement or interest in this stuff that was in the FISA package.”

McCabe reiterated during the interview, “I do think we represented it adequately.”

“I think everyone was satisfied that we had represented that accurately and adequately in the package.”

Ross writes: “The bureau revealed in its FISA applications that Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier, was likely working on behalf of individuals who wanted to prevent Donald Trump from being elected. But the application did not disclose that the DNC and Clinton campaign were the ultimate financiers. The applications also did not reveal that Justice Department official Bruce Ohr had told FBI and Justice Department officials that Steele was “desperate” to see Trump lose the 2016 election.”

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