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Report: Vast Majority of Trump El Paso Rally Attendees Hispanic, Many Democrats

A vast majority of the 30,000 attendees at President Trump’s El Paso rally on Monday night were Hispanic, and half were Democrats, according to the Trump campaign.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale told Axios that 70 percent of rally attendees who registered were Hispanic, while 50 percent were Democrats, 25 percent were Republicans and 25 percent were swing voters.

Parscale said, “Our data shows that President Trump is building a coalition that extends far beyond the traditional Republican base….His fight to secure the border and finally finish the wall clearly energized and led to a significant amount of Democrat and Independent swing voters to attend his rally in El Paso.”

Last month, a PBS Newshour, NPR and Marist poll revealed that latino job approval of President Trump surged 20 percent since early December–a noteworthy jump considering government shutdown fight over funding for the border wall.

The poll was taken Jan 10-13 and found that 51 percent of Latino adults “strongly approve” or  “approve” of the job President Trump is doing–up from 31 percent in December.

CNSNews notes that “Under Trump, the Hispanic unemployment rate remained under five percent in January (4.9%), having hit a record low in two of the last four months (4.4% in October and December of 2018).”

Never-Ending Witch Hunt: Trump May Answer More Mueller Questions

Former New York City mayor and Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani says the president may submit more answers to questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Giuliani told Axios that the president’s attorneys were negotiating with Mueller’s team on whether or not they will submit more written answers.

The former New York City mayor said that after they provided the president’s written answers last month, the special counsel’s office asked, “Suppose we have a few things we want to go over?”

Giuliani said they came to an agreement with the Mueller team that after reviewing the president’s answers, prosecutors could “come back and show us what you need.”

As of right now, the special counsel’s office has “the right to submit more questions to us,” said Giuliani.  “We have the right to say yes or no.”

“We might agree…or we might not,” he said.

After submitting the original answers in November, Giuliani told Axios that the Mueller questionnaire “looked like a law school exam … one big long group of questions, that were multi-part questions.”

The Trump attorney also said that some of the original Mueller questions created “more issues…legally than others.” He also said some questions were “unnecessary” and contained “possible traps.”