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DHS Warns: U.S. Faces “System-Wide Meltdown” on Border Security

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is warning that the nation’s border security system is reaching a breaking point with the nation facing a “system-wide meltdown” due to the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants crossing over the U.S. border.

In a letter to Congress yesterday, Nielsen writes, “We face a system-wide meltdown … We are witnessing the real-time dissolution of the immigration system.”

Neilsen called the crisis a “humanitarian and security catastrophe,” and said without additional assistance, ICE would be forced to release illegal aliens in “large numbers.”

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“The result is a dangerous and growing backlog of individuals in custody that has forced us to begin releasing large numbers of aliens … Without additional assistance, we will be forced to increase the releases of the single-adult population from ICE — the only population for which we can currently effectively enforce U.S. immigration laws,” Nielsen writes.

Nielsen’s letter comes as a recent Breitbart report points out the United States is projected to add 1.5 million illegal aliens this year.

The publication notes, “This year, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Catch and Release policy — whereby border crossers and illegal aliens are readily released from federal custody into the interior of the U.S. — is on track to release roughly 434,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the country by the end of the year. This projection is based on current estimates that more than 36,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have been released from DHS custody every month since the beginning of the year.”

On top of the 434,000 immigrants expected to be released from federal custody, Princeton Policy Advisors estimates up to 500,000 illegal aliens will cross into the country undetected by border agents.

“Also, should visa overstay levels continue at the same pace as in Fiscal Year 2017, there could potentially be about 630,000 illegal aliens added to the U.S. population after overstaying their visas,” writes Breitbart.

Trump to Ask for $8.6 Billion in Wall Funding for 2020 Budget

President Trump is set to request $8.6 billion in border security funding in the FY 2020 budget, according to sources speaking with Fox News.

Fox reports, “According to the sources, Trump will look to secure $5 billion from Congress, plus $3.6 billion from the military construction budget, for the fiscal year 2020. The request is coming on top of the $8.1 billion Trump already has access to, which includes money he’s trying to shift from military accounts after declaring a national emergency.”

The budget outline also seeks funds to create the Space Force as a new branch of the military and looks to cut 2.7 trillion in nondefense spending. Sources say the proposals would balance the budget by 2034.

Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russ Vought said in a Sunday night statement, “In the last two years, President Trump and this Administration have prioritized reining in reckless Washington spending. The Budget that we have presented to Congress and the American people … embodies fiscal responsibility, and takes aim at Washington’s waste, fraud, and abuse. Our national debt nearly doubled under the previous Administration and now stands at more than $22 trillion. This Budget shows that we can return to fiscal sanity without halting our economic resurgence while continuing to invest in critical priorities.”

For the full report, click HERE.

Trump Declares National Emergency, WH Announces $8 Billion for Border Security

President Trump announced today that he will sign a national emergency to fund the wall at the southern border.

Speaking in the Rose Garden this morning, the President said, “I’m going to be signing a national emergency and its been signed many times before. It’s been signed by other presidents from 1977 or so it gave the presidents the power. There has rarely been a problem…They sign it. Nobody cares…they sign it, for far less important things…in many cases. We’re talking about an invasion of our country. With drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs…”

Prior to the President’s announcement, Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney told reporters that President Trump will have access to about $8 billion for border security.

“With the declaration of a national emergency, the president will have access to roughly $8 billion worth of money to secure the southern border,” Mulvaney said.

KUTV reports that the funds the White House has identified include:

    • $1.375 billion from the 2019 appropriations bill passed by Congress Thursday
    • $600 million from the Treasury Department’s forfeiture fund
    • $2.5 billion from counterdrug activities at the Department of Defense
    • $3.6 billion from the military construction budget

Polling from Vulnerable Dem Seats Should be a Wakeup Call for Compromise

Democrats who think they’re winning the immigration debate and that their antics in Congress are convincing Americans we don’t need a border wall may be in for a shock.

A new poll focused on the seats of Nancy Pelosi’s most vulnerable allies — ten Democrat representatives of districts won by President Donald Trump in 2016 — paints a very different picture.

Regardless of how these districts voted in the midterm elections this past November, they support the President’s policies on border security, not Speaker Pelosi’s; and not by a slim margin. Sixty-one percent agree with the President, compared to 35 percent who are opposed.

The reasons are clear and closely aligned with those that motivate the President. A majority of these voters — 52 percent — recognize that the situation on the border is a national security threat, so they support building a wall or a barrier by ten points.

The message to Chuck and Nancy here is clear: whatever temporary “victory” Democrats want to claim in President Trump’s agreement to reopen the government for three weeks, they are not out of the woods yet. In these battleground districts, support for the Democrat leadership’s “no wall, no way” strategy is incredibly low.

Only 28 percent of respondents would have their Democratic congressperson stand with Nancy Pelosi to block any wall being built. When informed of additional information — like the fact that the vast majority of U.S. Border Patrol agents believe the wall is necessary to secure the border — support for “no wall, no way” falls to just 24 percent of respondents.

By contrast, not only would more of these respondents like their Democratic representatives to support building the wall rather than oppose it, a huge plurality wants the two sides to compromise.

The news gets even worse for Chuck and Nancy. By seven points, these vulnerable Democrat districts think President Trump is the one in this fight who is open to compromise. In fact, an absolute majority of respondents thought the Democrats should have accepted President Trump’s unilateral offer outright to address our border crisis.

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Nancy Pelosi rejected that offer, which would have reopened the government permanently and given illegal immigrants once covered by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) a three year reprieve, before she even heard it.

Even securing the pay of 800,000 federal workers and securing a victory that Democrats have been fighting nearly 18 years to get was not enough to bring Pelosi back to the table. The $5.7 billion President Trump sought in return to fund border security including sections of border barriers was simply too much for the Democrat obstructionists to agree to.

Democrats and Republicans alike have three weeks to fix this mess and that kind of reluctance is just not going to cut it. All Members of Congress regardless of party should take their marching orders from their constituents in these districts.

It’s time for a serious compromise that includes the wall our border patrol says we need. These results indicate both parties ignore that at their peril.

Media Silent on Prominent Latino Pastor’s Support for Trump Border Efforts

Prominent Texas pastor, Ramiro Peña has been a leading latino supporter of President Trump and, according to Newsbusters, the media have all but ignored his existence.

During the President’s recent trip to the southern border in McAllen, Texas, Peña said that Trump had a “heart of compassion” and thanked him for addressing the immigration humanitarian crisis.

Newsbusters writes that “the nation’s top broadcast television networks, in English and Spanish, have consistently ignored Pastor Peña and his significant role advising the President…”

The publication continues, “When you hear what Pastor Peña had to say to the President, including validating his heart of compassion and determination to bring an end to the scourge of human suffering that comes with illegal immigration, it is no wonder that most of the media chose to avoid airing his views, as they just didn’t fit within – and in fact were diametrically opposed to – their preferred narrative and spin on the subject.”

Peña told President Trump:

I especially want to thank you for calling this what it is: a humanitarian crisis. When you use that language it really sets bells to ringing, because that is what it is. People in my profession see the suffering, the human suffering, brought by drugs, by the arms that are brought across making our communities more violent, the trafficking of women and children especially, and boys and young males as well. And the truth that needs to be talked about, that is seldom talked about, is the amount of under-reporting of crime. When these things happen in the shadows people are not always eager to point out the crimes that are taking place, and it goes under-reported. But people in my profession, especially Spanish-speaking pastors, especially Spanish-speaking pastors in this sector, know firsthand the human suffering, the human toll that’s taking place because of the onslaught. The sickness, the disease, the lack of sanitation that’s going on because of the bunch-up at the border, and people trying to come in. So I just want to give a very heartfelt thanks because I have had the privilege of visiting with you before. I know your heart of compassion. Although some don’t want to paint you as having a heart of compassion, I know you as a man that does have this heart of compassion. It’s genuine and authentic, and the fact that you called it what it is: it’s a crisis and a humanitarian crisis, and again the pastors that I’m here representing today salute you and thank you for wanting to bring an end to untold suffering that’s taking place on our southern border. Thank you, Mr. President.

Jim Acosta’s facepalm moment at the border

Jim Acosta may want to steer clear of his comrades in the liberal media for a while — at least until he manages to extract the loafer from his mouth.

In a single overzealous tweet, Acosta managed to prove both Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway, two of his greatest adversaries, correct.

While covering President Trump’s trip to the southern border, CNN’s Jim Acosta made one of the great unforced errors of fake opinion journalism by inadvertently discrediting his own opposition to a border wall.

Acosta was widely mocked on social media after posting a video Thursday that was intended to downplay the President’s claims of a border crisis — but which actually ended up supporting the case that border barriers improve security.

“Here are some of the steel slats that the president’s been talking about,” Acosta said in a video shot next to a section of border wall. “But as we’re walking along here, we’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger.”

Acosta clearly meant to mock President Trump for calling the situation on our southern border a “crisis,” but the video could just as easily have been an ad produced by the Trump Campaign. All it lacked was a little message at the end saying, “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.”

Not only did the glib gambit backfire, it also came at a particularly embarrassing time for Acosta — just two days after Kellyanne Conway publicly chastised him for being a “smarta**.”

Compounding his blunder, Acosta included a caption that stated the accidental point even more clearly, writing, “I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation … at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today.”

Conservatives — including White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders; Donald Trump, Jr.; and even President Trump himself — quickly responded on social media by thanking Acosta for making the case for a border wall so effectively.

That’s the problem with fake news, of which Acosta is perhaps the premier purveyor: you have to be extremely careful about how you present it, lest the facts get in the way of the fictional narrative you’re trying to weave.

On the other side of the state from where Acosta posted his fateful video is the town of El Paso, Texas, which offers a perfect example of why Acosta had so much trouble contradicting the President’s argument for a border wall.

Federal data show that a border wall has significantly reduced both illegal immigrant crossings and crime in Texas’ sixth-largest city — even though it borders Juarez, one of Mexico’s most dangerous locales.

The number of illegal immigrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents fell drastically over the six-year period after the town’s border wall was built. Before the project began in 2006, illegal crossings averaged 122,261 per year. By 2012, after the 131-mile stretch of wall was completed, illegal immigrant crossings were below 9,700 per year — a decrease of over 90 percent.

In fact, border walls have proven effective just about everywhere they’ve been tried — not just here in America, but all over the world.

A wall worked perfectly along Israel’s border with Egypt, for instance, reducing illegal immigration by an astounding 99 percent. In 2011, before the wall was built, about 16,000 illegal immigrants poured into Israel across its western border. After the 143-mile fence was finished, fewer than 20 illegal immigrants made it across that same border throughout all of 2016.

Hungary experienced similar success after building a wall to address a flood of nearly 1,000 illegal border crossings per day. Once the government erected a 100-mile fence along its borders with Croatia and Serbia, illegal immigration plummeted by 99.7 percent in just two years.

If America were to secure its southern border with fencing and natural as well as man-made barriers in similar fashion, the bucolic scene that Acosta described in his video could well become the norm along the entirety of our nearly 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

Jim Acosta made himself into a household name with partisan attacks on President Trump masquerading as “news” reporting. His “smarta**” hectoring never succeeded in doing much damage to President Trump’s political standing, but it may have just cost him his own standing among the anti-Trump fake news media.

Jim Acosta’s Pathetic Attempt to Prove Trump Wrong on Border Wall Backfires Spectacularly

CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta was in McAllen, TX today where he toured parts of the U.S. border, desperately seeking ways to prove the Trump Administration wrong while he awaited the president’s arrival to the region.

Including a video of himself at the “steel slat” barriers on the border, Acosta tweeted, “I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation.. at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today.”

He says in the video, “Here are some of the steel slats the president has been talking about…But as we’re walking along here, we’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger. There are no migrants trying to, uh, rush toward this fence…no sign of the ‘national emergency’ that the president has been talking about. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty tranquil down here.”

The fact that Acosta just proved President Trump’s point that “walls work” seems to have gone right over his head.

And thankfully, Twitter took notice:



New Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Believe There is “Crisis” or “Problem” at U.S. Border

A new Politico and Morning Consult poll finds that 79 percent of voters believe there is either a “crisis” or “problem” at the southern border.

The Daily Caller reports:

While less than half of those surveyed (42 percent) agree with President Donald Trump’s assertion that the border is in “crisis,” another 37 percent concede that there is a “problem” — meaning 79 percent of voters believe the situation at the border is a serious issue.  Only 12 percent of voters polled said that the situation at the border is neither a crisis nor a problem.

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In December alone, U.S. border agents apprehended a record number of family units– 27,518. They were among a total of 60,728 migrants attempting to illegally cross the border last month.

As President Trump pointed out in his address to the nation last night, “In the last two years, I.C.E. Officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes, and 4,000 violent killings.”

Flashback: Poll Finds Surprising Percentage of Dems Believe U.S. Border Should be Secured

A Harvard University poll from January 2018 reveals that a large percentage of Democrats believe the U.S. border should be secured and that many Americans are in agreement on how the government should approach immigration and border security.

In light of the border wall battle in Washington, D.C., it might be helpful to remind politicians and bureaucrats where the American people stand on this important issue.

The Washington Times reports:

The findings reveal, for example, that eight out of 10 of all U.S. voters — 79 percent — say the U.S. needs secure borders; 93 percent of Republicans, 80 percent of independents and 68 percent of Democrats agree with that. 

Seventy-nine percent of voters believe in granting priority to those immigrants who can “contribute to America.” Broken down, 87 percent of Republicans agree with this merit-based approach, as well as , 79 percent of independents and 72 percent of Democrat.

Many Americans also oppose the lottery-based immigration system: 78 percent of Republicans, 65 percent of independents and 62 percent of Democrats.

For the full report, click HERE.