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Build the Wall: DOD Awards Nearly $1 Billion in Border Wall Contracts

The Pentagon has awarded nearly $1 billion in contracts to build a barrier along the U.S. southern border.

The Hill reports: Texas-based company SLSCO Ltd. was granted a $789 million contract for construction in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which falls within the El Paso sector of the border. The Army Corps of Engineers also awarded Montana-based Barnard Construction Co. $187 million to build barriers in Yuma, Arizona.

A DOD spokesman told the Hill that the El Paso contract would help pay for “30-foot bollard fencing and a five-foot anti-climb plate” and the Yuma contract would build “18-foot bollard fencing and a five-foot anti-climb plate.”

This marks the first time the Department of Defense has doled out funds since President Trump declared a national emergency in February.

“The funds for the contracts come from the nearly $1 billion that was repurposed from Army personnel accounts to help supplement the 284 counter-drug account that authorizes border barrier construction. The money is separate from the $3.6 billion in military construction funds that the national emergency also reprogrammed for the wall,” writes the Hill.

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Democrats Fight Pentagon Plan to Fund Border Wall Construction

House Democrats are fighting the Department of Defense after it was announced yesterday the Pentagon would divert up to $1 billion in funding to begin construction President Trump’s border wall, according to Fox News.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-WA) called the plan “unbelievably irresponsible” and said in a statement that “DoD’s recent notification of its intent to use that process to reprogram $1 billion without Congressional approval is a violation of that trust.”

On Monday, the Pentagon informed Congress that 10 U.S.C. § (b) (7) 248 enables the department to “construct roads and fences and to install lighting to block drug-smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States in support of counter-narcotic activities of Federal law enforcement agencies.”

Fox News reports: During a hearing with acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and other Pentagon leaders, Smith sent a letter from the committee to the Defense Department denying its formal request to shift the money. The panel doesn’t have the legal authority to block the transfer but could make changes in the law to block any funding shifts in the future.

“You are not asking for our permission,” Smith told Shanahan. “Now you understand the result of that likely is that the appropriations committee will no longer give the Pentagon reprogramming authority.”

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Senate Votes to End Trump National Emergency Declaration

The Senate voted 59-41 to end the President’s national emergency declaration–a vote that will likely lead to Trump’s first veto, according to Fox News.

At least 12 Republicans voted with Democrats to oppose the declaration:

  • Wicker
  • Rubio
  • Portman
  • Collins
  • Murkowski
  • Toomey
  • Blunt
  • Alexander
  • Romney
  • Paul
  • Moran
  • Lee

Prior to the vote, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said, “I’m going to be voting in favor of the resolution of disapproval. This is a constitutional question, it’s a question of the balance of power that is core to our constitution. This is not about the president or border security, in fact I support border security, I support a barrier,” he said.

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President Trump declared a national emergency last month after Congress would not provide him with adequate funding to build a barrier along the southern border. The emergency declaration would enable the President to appropriate an extra $3.6 billion for the wall.

This morning, Vice President Pence joined Fox News and urged Republicans to vote in favor of the national emergency declaration.

“A vote against the president’s national emergency declaration is a vote to deny the humanitarian and security crisis that’s happening at our southern border,” he said. So we’re urging every member of the Senate set politics aside to recognize that we have a crisis.”

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Trump to Ask for $8.6 Billion in Wall Funding for 2020 Budget

President Trump is set to request $8.6 billion in border security funding in the FY 2020 budget, according to sources speaking with Fox News.

Fox reports, “According to the sources, Trump will look to secure $5 billion from Congress, plus $3.6 billion from the military construction budget, for the fiscal year 2020. The request is coming on top of the $8.1 billion Trump already has access to, which includes money he’s trying to shift from military accounts after declaring a national emergency.”

The budget outline also seeks funds to create the Space Force as a new branch of the military and looks to cut 2.7 trillion in nondefense spending. Sources say the proposals would balance the budget by 2034.

Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russ Vought said in a Sunday night statement, “In the last two years, President Trump and this Administration have prioritized reining in reckless Washington spending. The Budget that we have presented to Congress and the American people … embodies fiscal responsibility, and takes aim at Washington’s waste, fraud, and abuse. Our national debt nearly doubled under the previous Administration and now stands at more than $22 trillion. This Budget shows that we can return to fiscal sanity without halting our economic resurgence while continuing to invest in critical priorities.”

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New Figures Prove Trump Right – There is a Crisis at the Border

Is there a crisis at the border as President Donald Trump says, or are illegal border crossings the lowest they’ve ever been? A media that ought to know better has been arguing the latter.

  • According to the New York Times in an article published in January 2019, the reality is that “Illegal border crossings have been declining for nearly two decades. In 2017, border-crossing apprehensions were at their lowest point since 1971.”
  • In an article published in November 2018, Politico asked “Immigration crisis? The stats tell a different story,” informing us that “to find a year with fewer border arrests than 2017, you’d have to go all the way back to 1971.”
  • CNBC reported in February that border crossings were at record lows “as Trump declares a national emergency to build a wall.”

Why do we suppose they all used 2017 as the year to end their analysis when we’re currently in the year 2019? Because illegal border crossings exploded immediately afterward. Trump’s rhetoric did have an apparent immediate chilling effect on border crossings during his first year in office. Admittedly I’d expected an immediate surge in border crossings following Trump’s victory before any additional border wall could be constructed, but Trump’s tough rhetoric appeared to be enough – at least for the time being. When it comes to a wall, “if you build it, they won’t come,” but there’s no new border to speak of.

According to an analysis from Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz using the most recent data, the invasion is worse than ever.

According to Customs and Border Protection’s preliminary figures, 76,325 illegal aliens were apprehended at the border in February, more than any other month in over a decade since the decline of migration from Mexico. A record 40,325 family units arrived, blowing out the previous records by almost 10,000.

A record 76,325 apprehensions for one month is truly staggering, not only because it’s the single worst month at the border since fiscal year 2008, but because almost all of these people get to stay on our dime. Projected for the whole year, this pace would result in 916,000 apprehensions. But the pace is growing every month, because the catch-and-release expands. As the Washington Post observes, “The number of migrants taken into custody last year jumped 39 percent from February to March, and a similar increase this month would push levels to 100,000 detentions or more.” That would be an annual pace of 1.2 million.

Just take a look at the monthly apprehensions graphically, and it becomes clear why 2017 was always the cherrypicked year.

Judge Dana Sabraw’s July 15 (and subsequent) rulings effectively ended the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy towards illegal immigration. The administration’s controversial policy of separating illegal immigrant families at the border was aimed to deter illegals from attempting in the first place, and the immediate spike in border apprehensions following Judge Sabraw’s ruling effectively removing that policy indicates that it was working.  The Obama administration implemented similarly harsh anti-illegal immigration policies in 2014 and 2015 when it was them facing a crisis at the border, aiming to detain and deport families from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala as quickly as possible. A federal judge ended up blocking Obama’s plans to lock up Central American immigrant mothers and their children without bond as a deterrent. I can’t say I remember any comparable outrage in the media over those policies.

Even if there were a gradual decline in apprehensions at the border, it shouldn’t change anyone’s mind that the border situation needs a fix. After all, we have roughly fifteen million illegal aliens in America, and even if the monthly flow of illegals across the border were declining, there is still a cumulative increase in the illegal population each and every month.

Poll: Majority of Americans Prefer Border Wall Over Green New Deal

More Americans would rather have a wall along the southern border than the radical, Green New Deal.

Breitbart reports that a Remington Research Group poll has found that 51 percent of Americans would rather have a border wall, while 31 percent say they would prefer the Green New Deal.

The poll found that Independents would prefer a border wall to The Green New Deal by a 2-1 margin, and Republicans preferred the wall by a 68-point margin.

President of Remington Research Group, Titus Bond believes Democrats face an uphill battle getting mainstream voters on board with the Green New Deal.

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“The Green New Deal has presented an interesting situation for Democrats. Democratic voters support this legislation, while the rest of the country overwhelmingly opposes it,” he said. “It will be intriguing to watch Democratic leaders and presidential hopefuls navigate this issue with their base while still appealing to mainstream voters.”

The Green New Deal proposal promises that “all people of the United States” would be provided with healthcare, adequate housing and “economic security.” It would also provide higher education “to all people” in the country. It also guarantees “a job with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to all people of the United States.”

A recent study has found that the Green New Deal would cost the United States between $51 and 93 trillion dollars.

The Free Beacon reports:

“The American Action Forum calculated guaranteed green housing would cost between $1.6 trillion and $4.2 trillion; a federal jobs guarantee between $6.8 trillion and $44.6 trillion; a net zero emissions transportation system between $1.3 trillion and $2.7 trillion; a low-carbon electricity grid for $5.4 trillion; and “food security” for $1.5 billion.

Enough high-speed rail “to make air travel unnecessary,” would cost roughly $1.1 to $2.5 trillion. Universal Health Care, or a Medicare-for-all type plan, would cost $36 trillion over 10 years, totaling $260,000 per household in the United States.”

Desperate Democrats Move to Block Trump’s National Emergency

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that his colleagues in the Senate will follow House Democrats’ lead and move to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a wall along the southern border.

In a statement, Schumer said, “This issue transcends partisan politics, and I urge all senators — Democrats and Republicans — to support this resolution to terminate the president’s emergency declaration when it comes up for a vote in the Senate. Identical companion legislation to the House resolution will soon be introduced in the Senate.”

Politico reports:

“The House resolution is expected to pass easily, with Democrats in control. But it’s unclear whether the resolution will pass the Senate. Several Republican senators have voiced concern about Trump’s emergency declaration to build a border wall.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine became the first Republican Senator Wednesday to say she would support a resolution disapproving of the emergency declaration. The Senate version of the resolution could place further pressure on Senate Republicans to decide whether to break with the president on his national emergency declaration.”

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Maxine Madness: Those who Support Border Wall Don’t Love the Country

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) slammed Americans who support a border wall to secure the country during a recent speech.

At a rally in Los Angeles on Monday, Waters said, “This president is trying to keep a campaign promise to all of those people that he swore he would build a wall! And those people who want the wall are not patriots,” she claimed, “they are not people who love this country, they are not people who stand up for what’s right!”

The rally was part of a protest of the president’s declaration of a national emergency in order to build a wall or barrier along the southern border.

The congresswoman also called on supporters to “resist” the president and the “so-called national emergency.”

A January poll revealed that 62 percent of Americans believe illegal immigration is a problem in the United States and 43 percent support the President’s efforts to build a wall along the southern border.