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Fox News Prime Time Ratings DOMINATE CNN and MSNBC Democratic Town Halls

Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson dominated Monday night’s ratings, beating out both an MSNBC town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand and CNN’s town hall with candidate Elizabeth Warren.

The Daily Caller reports:

Carlson more than doubled the MSNBC town hall with Gillibrand, both in total viewers with approximately 3.1 million viewers tuning in, and with 570,000 in the key 25-54 age demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. Gillibrand’s town hall, by comparison, garnered only 1.2 million viewers and 224,000 in the key age range.

Hannity also more than doubled the ratings of CNN’s 9 p.m. town hall with Warren–with 2.9 million viewers and 494,000 in the 25-54 target audience.

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Ep. 938 The Whole Case was a Sham

In this episode I address the stunning admissions by a former UK spy, now made public, that throw water on the entire scheme to take down Trump. I also address the desperate media attempts to salvage what’s left of the Mueller probe. I address the Beto fundraising phenomenon. Finally, I discuss a new immigration smuggling scheme which will destroy our borders.

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Chris Cuomo Makes a Flimsy Case that Manafort Proves Collusion

In a somewhat heated exchange with Rep. Matt Gaetz last night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo cited the case of Paul Manafort sharing a poll with Ukranian/Russian political consultant Konstantin Kilimnik in making an obscure case for collusion (while Robert Mueller’s special counsel has uncovered zero evidence of it). 

The sharing was revealed in an unredacted filing against Manafort filed in January. The filing disclosed that “The Government concludes… that Mr. Manafort’s initial responses to inquiries about his meetings and interactions with Mr. Kilimnik were lies to the OSC attorneys and investigators… The same is true with regard to the Government’s allegation that Mr. Manafort lied about sharing polling data with Mr. Kilimnik related to the 2016 presidential campaign.” Manafort asked Kilimnik to pass the data to Ukrainians Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov. The legal filing gives no indication that President Donald Trump knew of the matter (and remember that Manafort only actually worked for Trump for about four and a half months before being fired).

We don’t know what the poll was of, but it likely contained a cross-tabulation showing how voters reacted to different election-related questions.  There are a few reasons why this is flimsy proof of collusion;

  • This is a poll we’re speaking of. If the Russians (or anyone) really wanted to measure public opinion on an issue, nothing is stopping them from commissioning a poll on their own. Russia has outlets operating in the U.S. that regularly conduct polling on the issues, such as Sputnik.
  • Even if the Russian government weren’t to carry out their own poll, there is no shortage of polling data in the world. Numerous polling organizations regularly poll on the exact same issues. It’s relatively easy to find some measure of public opinion on any issue you can think up.
  • Are we supposed to believe there’s something sinister in sharing a poll with someone?

Most importantly of all, if Cuomo wants to view this as a form of “collusion by proxy,” by his own logic there was more direct collision in favor of the Clinton campaign going on. As the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross uncovered, back in October the former Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr testified to lawmakers that the Ukranian lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko had been a source of theirs. Fusion GPS was the firm responsible for British spy Christopher Steele’s bogus dossier.

Nellie Ohr did not describe the Leshchenko-Fusion GPS source relationship in greater detail, so it is not clear whether the Ukrainian lawmaker was paid, how he transmitted information to Fusion or with whom at the firm he maintained contact. Nellie Ohr did not testify whether she handled information from Leshchenko or if she provided it to her husband, who served as associate deputy attorney general and director of the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

As anyone who had the chance to read Spygate knows, there already was a strong case to be made for Ukranian collusion with members of the Clinton campaign, so this is just more icing on the cake. Unlike Manafort, Leshchenko has been charged for illegally interfering in the U.S. election.

On Dec. 11, 2018, a court in Kyiv ruled that Leshchenko’s release of information about Manafort “led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state.”

That was because “Leshchenko, a member of Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau, is widely credited with publishing a so-called ‘black ledger’ [which is probably bogus] that purported to show that Manafort received $12.7 million in illicit cash payments through 2012 from then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.” Days after publishing the ledger, Leshchenko told the Financial Times that “A Trump presidency would change the pro-Ukrainian agenda in American foreign policy. For me, it was important to show not only the corruption aspect but that he is [a] pro-Russian candidate who can break the geopolitical balance in the world.” It’s clear what his motivation was – to collude in an effort to take Trump down.

Unlike the Mueller indictments of Russians who tried to interfere in the election, but had no connection to Trump whatsoever, Fusion GPS was on the Clinton payroll. For a network that reports on so much imaginary collusion, it’s a bit strange CNN hasn’t reported on the real thing.

STUDY: Wolf Blitzer’s CNN Show a “Weeklong Promo for Dem Investigations”

A Media Research Center (MRC) study has found that Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show last week was a “weeklong promo” for Democrat’s anti-Trump investigations.

MRC found that during his 10 interviews–all with Democratic lawmakers–Blitzer asked 86 questions favoring the Democrat’s agenda, and just three questions challenging the agenda.

Newsbusters writes, “Blitzer framed his paltry three challenges to Democrats as party-line criticism coming from Republicans (‘as Republican are alleging…’, ‘Republicans say…’). In each case he asked no follow-up questions regardless of what answer he received.”

In some instances, Newsbusters writes, Blitzer seemed to push his guests to be more aggressive in their investigation into the Trump administration.

When prodding Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), Blitzer asked, “The White House is indicating they are not in any mood to cooperate with your investigation. Why haven’t you issued subpoenas?”

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Media Blackout: CNN, MSNBC Ignore FEC Complaint Against Ocasio-Cortez

As of late this morning, neither MSNBC nor CNN have covered the explosive allegations of campaign finance violations against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, according to the Daily Caller.

It was revealed earlier this week that an FEC complaint had been filed accusing Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti of violating campaign finance laws and illegally funneling nearly $885,000 in contributions from political action committees.

According to the Daily Caller, while both CNN and MSNBC mentioned the socialist lawmaker multiple times throughout their programming, neither network discussed the allegations against her.

The Daily Caller writes:

A review of MSNBC’s and CNN’s on-air coverage via Grabien, a television video-clipping service, turned up nothing on these allegations levied against the freshmen representative.

Ocasio-Cortez was mentioned during seven different shows Tuesday on MSNBC. Her defense of Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is facing allegations of anti-Semitism, was referenced in four of those instances. 

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Her name was mentioned during five different programs on CNN, with two pertaining to Omar, and three on her questioning of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney, in front of the House Oversight Committee last week.

Ocasio-Cortez has denied the allegations.

“There is no violation,” the Congresswoman told Fox News yesterday after landing at Ronald Reagan National Airport. She responded, “No, no” when asked if the complaint proves her campaign was connected to “dark money.”

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CNN, MSNBC Spend HOURS Covering Cohen Hearing, Just 12 Minutes on NK Summit

In a shameful display of media bias, CNN and MSNBC spent a combined 428 minutes covering the Michael Cohen hearing and just 12 minutes and 50 seconds on President Trump’s historic nuclear summit with North Korea.

Newsbusters reports:

During the prime time and night hours on CNN and MSNBC (7:00 p.m. Eastern and 12 a.m. Eastern), the nine liberal hosts spent a combined 428 minutes and 19 seconds obsessing over the testimony of convicted liar Michael Cohen, and plotting how it could be used to bring down the Trump presidency. CNN’s share was 225 minutes and 10 seconds, while MSNBC sat at 203 minutes and nine seconds.

Meanwhile, CNN spent two minutes and 14 seconds covering the North Korea meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. MSNBC spent 10 minutes and 36 seconds.

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Congressman Demands DOJ Investigate if CNN was Tipped off to Roger Stone Arrest

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is demanding an investigation into whether or not the FBI tipped off CNN to last week’s arrest of political consultant and Trump supporter, Roger Stone.

In a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Friday, Biggs wrote, “On January 25th, FBI agents executed an arrest warrant on Roger Stone pursuant to a grand jury indictment in the District of Columbia. At approximately 5:59 a.m. CNN’s morning show ‘New Day’ posted a tweet with a video showing FBI agents in full tactical gear executing the arrest of Mr. Stone.”

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The Congressman’s letter continues, “It is hard to believe that this reporter and camera crew showed up at the home of Mr. Stone, on the right day at the right time, on a hunch. This leads me to believe that CNN may have received advance notice of the date and time of the arrest.”

While many conservatives–and President Trump himself–publicly questioned how CNN was able to obtain the footage of the arrest, the network chalked its scoop up to “good instincts” and “luck,” among other things.

Taking to Twitter, CNN communications wrote, “How CNN captured video of the Roger Stone Raid: The product of good instincts, some key clues, more than a year of observing comings at the DC federal courthouse and the special counsel’s office — and a little luck on the timing.”

Biggs requested that the DOJ respond to his inquiry by February 15, and concluded, “An arrest like this is a serious act, not a media spectacle. We ask that you investigate whether federal law enforcement officers leaked information about the arrest of Mr. Stone to members of the media in advance and what — if any — rules, regulations, court orders, or laws were broken in the process.”


CNN’s Acosta Writing Book About His “Frightening” Experience Covering White House

CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is set to release a book in June detailing his “sometimes frightening” experience covering the Trump Administration.

His book, titled, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America” will detail Acosta’s time covering the first two years of the White House.

“Simply put, I am writing this book to share what I’ve experienced covering President Trump during his first two years in office,” Acosta said in a statement. “This sobering, bewildering, and sometimes frightening experience has made it absolutely clear that this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.”

“The president and his team, not to mention some of his supporters, have attempted to silence the press in ways we have never seen before,” he continued. “As just about everybody has seen, I have witnessed this first hand. As difficult as that challenge may be for the free press in America, we must continue to do our jobs and report the news. The truth is worth the fight.”

CNN notes that Acosta began gathering material for a potential book during the 2016 campaign and signed a deal with HarperCollins in the fall of 2018.

TV Station: CNN Declined Our Report After We Informed Them that Border Agents said Walls Work

**Note: This post has been updated to include a statement from CNN.

A local San Diego television station has publicly called out CNN, saying the network declined to work with the station after discovering they reported that most Border Patrol agents say a border wall or barrier would be effective.

KUSI said CNN called its newsroom on Thursday morning asking if one of its reporters could provide the network with a “local view” of the border wall debate and the government shutdown.

KUSI offered their reporter Dan Plante, who had reported dozens of times on the border,  “including one story from 2016 that was retweeted by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, and posted on DrudgeReport.com.”

“We believe CNN declined a report from KUSI because we informed them that most Border Patrol Agents we have spoken to told us the barrier does in fact work,” states the TV station.

“We have continuously been told by Border Patrol Agents that the barrier along the Southern border helps prevent illegal entries, drugs, and weapons from entering the United States, and the numbers prove it.”

Instead of working with KUSI, it appears CNN decided to have its own Jim Acosta to report on the border wall…which, as you may know, backfired spectacularly.

CNN denies the claims from KUSI and responded with the following statement: “We called several local stations to book someone for a show. We didn’t end up booking any of them. That happens many times every single day. We did, however, book a reporter from KUSI for a story on immigration and the border wall in November. This is a non story.”

Trump to Address Nation on Border Security Tonight

President Trump will address the nation tonight in a prime-time speech on the U.S. border and national security.

“I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern,” the president wrote on Twitter yesterday.

Initially, there was some speculation as to whether or not networks would air the speech, however, it was announced last night that ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and Fox broadcast network will all air the address to the nation, as well as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanded they receive equal time to respond to the president’s speech.

“Now that the television networks have decided to air the President’s address, which if his past statements are any indication will be full of malice and misinformation, Democrats must immediately be given equal airtime,” they stated in a joint press release.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also announced yesterday that the President will visit the southern border on Thursday.