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Ep. 1086 The List of Suspects is Short

In this episode, I address the unraveling case of the “whistleblower” and some serious questions we should all be asking about their motives.
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Ep. 1082 The Adam Schiff Hoax Completely Collapses

In this episode, I address the suspicious emergence of another deep-state operative pretending to be a “whistleblower.” I dismantle the entire...
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Ep. 1078 Panic is Breaking Out at The NY Times

In this episode, I address the latest liberal media “bombshell” designed to scare the Trump team from uncovering the truth. I also address a...
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Ep. 1071 The Best CNN Takedown Video I’ve Seen

In this episode, I address what appears to be a coordinated media/liberal hit on the Trump team in an effort to scare them away from investigating...
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Ep. 1036 They’re Trying it Again!

In this episode I address the astonishing charges leveled at this Democrat which mirror the “collusion” charges against the Trump team. I also...
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Ep. 1030 The Democrats Are In Tears

In this episode I address the abomination on Capitol Hill known as the Mueller hearing. I also address John Solomon’s explosive new report on this...
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Ep. 1029 A Fiasco on Capitol Hill

In this episode I break down the highlights of the disastrous Mueller hearing.
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Ep. 1028 Who is “Charli”?

In this episode I address the explosive spying scandal that’s currently unraveling within the FBI. I cover the troubling new allegations that Jim...
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Ep. 1003 The Whole Case Falls Apart

In this episode I address stunning new court documents that blow the lid off of another Democrat scandal. I also debunk a media hit piece promoting a...
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Ep. 1002 Don’t Let Them Get Away With This

In this episode I address the disturbing liberal coverup after President Trump’s media interview. I also address the growing attacks by big tech...
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Ep. 1001 Trump’s Interview Has Liberals Howling

In this episode I address the hypocritical liberal outrage at the latest Donald Trump interview. I also point out deeply troubling examples of...
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Ep. 987 It’s Go Time!

In this episode I address Trump's order to declassify key Spygate documents. I also address the outrageous failure of the clueless media to cover the...
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