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Kamala Harris: Change Columbus Day to “Indigenous People’s Day”

California Senator and Democratic candidate for President Kamala Harris said yesterday that she supports an effort to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous People’s Day.”

At a town hall in New Hampshire, the senator was asked if she’d support making “Indigenous People’s Day” a federal holiday because the voices of indigenous peoples are being “erased and marginalized.”

Breitbart reports that Harris replied, “We have to remember our history. Uncomfortable, to your point about truths, though it may make us.”

She continued, “We have to be honest. Because if we’re not honest, we’re, one, not going to deal with the vestiges of all of that harm, and we’re not going to correct course, and we’re not going to be true to our values and our morals. And so similarly, when it comes to indigenous Americans, the indigenous people, there is a lot of work that we still have to do.”

“So count me in on support,” Harris said of the effort to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day.

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October 10, 2017: Ep. 565 Are The Democrats in Real Trouble in 2020?

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