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March 2, 2018: Ep. 668 It’s Past Time for Justice and Accountability

In this episode I address the complete failure of government at multiple levels and the subsequent lack of accountability. This cannot continue.
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February 20, 2018: Ep. 659 Are the Democrats Signaling Trouble Ahead?

Are the Democrats growing concerned that the Russia probe is going to blow up on them? In this episode I’ll address some of the warning signs. I...
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February 12, 2018: Ep. 653 Is There a Soft Coup Still Ongoing?

Is there an ongoing soft coup going on? Why the continued efforts to obtain kompromat on Trump? Even left wing outlets are acknowledging the...
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February 9, 2018: Ep. 652 Is There Another Scandal Lurking?

This piece sums up why the FBI placed all of their trust in a former British spy they knew was lying to them. Was the FBI team investigating...
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February 8, 2018: Ep. 651 The Democrats Descend into Madness

Here’s the audio your liberal friends wish didn’t exist. It’s Barack Obama saying he doesn’t get involved in ongoing investigations The...
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August 3, 2017: Ep. 517 Must Hear Audio of a Confrontational WH Brief and a Ben Shapiro Debate

Have you seen the attached video of White House aide Stephen Miller crushing CNN's Jim Acosta on immigration? Did the Seattle Mayor collude with...
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