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Booker’s Dire Warning: Meat-Eaters will Destroy the Planet

New Jersey Senator and vegan Presidential Candidate Cory Booker issued a dire warning in a recent interview: Meat-eaters will destroy the planet.

Speaking to VegNews.com, the former Newark mayor said the Earth simply cannot sustain itself on the evil meat-consuming “Standard American Diet” taking over the world.

“You see the planet earth moving towards what is the Standard American Diet. We’ve seen this massive increase in consumption of meat produced by the industrial animal agriculture industry. The tragic reality is this planet simply can’t sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact,” said the Senator.

“It’s just not possible, as China, as Africa move toward consuming meat the same way America does because we just don’t have enough land…The devastating impact is just not practical. The numbers just don’t add up. We will destroy our planet unless we start figuring out a better way forward when it comes to our climate change and our environment,” he added.

Despite these dire warnings, Booker then added that he didn’t want to “preach” to anyone about their diet or ban meat.

“None of us want our government or elected officials preaching to us and telling us what we can or can’t eat. This is the United States of America, and I, for one, believe in our freedom to choose. So, I don’t want to preach to anybody about their diets,” he said.

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Trump Reveals one of His Favorite Potential Democratic Challengers for 2020 Race

In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Post, President Trump revealed he would “love” to run against “little Michael Bloomberg” in the 2020 presidential race.

“I would love to run against him. He’s been fighting me hard. He spent $100 million against me – that didn’t work. He spent a lot of money last night against Cindy Hyde-Smith. That didn’t work out so well,” he told the Post.

The President laughed off a question from the Post reporter about whether or not he could lose to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), or Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ).

When asked about Gillibrand, Trump pointed out that she used to “love” guns as a congresswoman from upstate New York, however once she ran for Senate, her views changed.

“She’s the only person I’ve ever seen who loved guns more than any human being on earth when she was a congresswoman from upstate New York back then,” he said.  “She loved guns more than any person, anywhere in the United States. The day she announced she was running for the Senate. All of the sudden, ‘Gun? I’ve never heard that word before.’”

“She’s not going to make it, she’s not going to make it,” he added.

Of Booker, Trump said, “He ran Newark into the ground. And he decided not to live there, which was illegal. So I’m sure they’ll look into that situation. He did such a bad job in Newark that he didn’t live there. No, he’s not going to be a problem.”

Trump’s comments come after a Bloomberg article earlier this week revealed the strategies Democrats are going to use for the 2020 presidential race.

The article points out that the 2018 midterm candidates largely steered clear from engaging with Trump’s colorful rhetoric and instead focused on topics such as health care and economics. This–the article states–led to “sweeping victories, taking control of the House and picking up seven governor’s mansions.”

Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer says what Democrats need in order to win in 2020 is a candidate who has their own compelling story “that doesn’t feature Trump as the main character.”

“Trump’s greatest political strength is the ability to move the political conversation off topics that matter to Democratic and swing voters and onto topics that excite his base,” Pfeiffer said to Bloomberg in an email. “The challenge for the Democrats is not allow Trump to drive the conversation every day. We have to think creatively and strategically about how and what we communicate and do it with relentless discipline.”

Another large focus for Democrats will be the small town rural vote.



Debunking Liberal Myths About the Georgia Governor’s Race

Stacey Abrams generated a great deal of controversy after claiming the Georgia Governor’s race was “neither free nor fair” and refusing to acknowledge her opponent, Republican Brian Kemp as a “legitimate” governor.

Even in her concession speech, she wouldn’t concede. Instead, saying, “This is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede that. But my assessment is the law currently allows no further viable remedy. Now, I can certainly bring a new case to keep this one contest alive, but I don’t want to hold public office if I need to scheme my way into the post. Because the title of governor isn’t nearly as important as our shared title — voters. And that is why we fight on.”

Many Democrats echoed Abrams’ claims of an “unfair” and “stolen” election, including Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

So, one might ask, where’s the proof? What evidence does Ms. Abrams, Mrs. Clinton, and every other Democrat whining about the results have to back up their claims of an illegitimate election?

Philip Wegmann of the Washington Examiner debunked some of the top arguments in his piece titled, Stacey Abrams is a sore loser without any evidence to support claims that the Georgia election was ‘tainted‘:

  1. Democrats argued voter rolls were purged in order to disenfranchise minority voters.

Wegmann writes, “Kemp (who was Georgia’s secretary of state) did in fact do the purging in question. American Public Media reported that nearly 600,000 Georgians were removed from the rolls in 2017 by the secretary of state’s office. But this isn’t a conspiracy. This was the result of a “use it or lose it” bill signed by a Democratic governor, Zell Miller, and passed by a Democratic legislature in 1997.

**LISTEN: Dan discusses how Democrats are inventing scandals in the Georgia Governor’s race**

The 600,000 removed from the rolls were removed because they hadn’t voted in the last three elections. Voters don’t get tossed without warning, though, as Michael Warren of The Weekly Standard reported earlier in October. If they haven’t moved out of state, then they are notified. Each voter is given a menu of options to reactivate his registration, and up to four years to complete this process.

Granted, 600,000 is a high number to purge. Again, Warren reported, the increase resulted from a failed lawsuit over alleged racial bias by the group Common Cause and the NAACP. Georgia won the case at the Supreme Court, allowing the dead, the convicted, and former residents who had moved away to be removed from the rolls. Suppression? Hardly.”

2) Democrats complained that polling places were closed, in what Wegmann sarcastically calls “a sinister effort by Kemp to lengthen lines and keep people from voting.”

He writes, “Well, no. There were delays, yes. There have been 214 precincts closed since 2012, according to an analysis by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But Kemp had absolutely nothing to do with closing a single polling place. Those offices were shuttered by county election officials, not the secretary of state.”

3) There were also complaints about delays caused by voting machines without power cords.

“As of this writing, there is no sign that Kemp or any of his allies snuck into polling stations and stole extension cords. If there was any evidence of this, the Republican should not be governor. Not just because this would be illegal, but because only an idiot would try to steal an election by stealing a charge cord. In the end, cords were found and voting commenced,” writes Wegmann.

And finally, a fourth liberal lie, debunked by David French at National Review:

4) A more broad argument from Abrams and her Democrat supporters is that there was voter suppression at play.

“If Georgia’s Brian Kemp is a vote suppressor, he’s the least successful vote suppressor alive. Turnout in Georgia was immense. In the previous gubernatorial election, Republican Nathan Deal won with 1.3 million votes. In November, Abrams lost with 1.9 million votes. There were roughly 2.5 million total votes cast in 2014. In 2018, more than 3.9 million Georgians voted. That almost matches the total votes cast for president in 2016.”

It’s time Stacey Abrams stop peddling her baseless allegations of fraud in the governor’s race and humbly accept that she lost fair and square.


RECAP: The Biggest Anti-Kavanaugh Lies from the Kavanaugh Hearings

Democrats must be praying that Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth – because they literally have nothing else on Brett Kavanaugh. It’s easy to forget the desperate criticisms Kavanaugh faced from the Left in the pre-Ford months. The Washington Post ran an “exposé” back in July that Kavanaugh once racked up credit card debt – and then proceeded to pay it off (the horror!). In August the Associated Press tried to shame Kavanaugh by reporting that he enjoyed basketball in college, while his friends spent their time on the debate team. And who could forget those who tried to claim his associate Zina Bash is a white supremacist because the manner in which she rested her hand?

That was truly the extent of anti-Kavanaugh criticism, and after sitting through his initial confirmation hearing and subsequent questioning about Ford’s allegations, it’s clear that’s still all they’ve got.

And on that note, let’s review the top anti-Kavanaugh lies that have arisen from both his testimonies.

Kamala Harris Deceptively Edits Abortion Answer

Unable to accurately represent the views of the Supreme Court candidate she opposes, future 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris decided to upload a clip to Twitter that appeared to show Kavanaugh opposed to birth control, in which he appeared to call them “abortion inducing drugs.” Hillary Clinton was among those who shared the tweet, which quickly went viral.

There was just one problem: Kavanaugh wasn’t stating his own opinion, he was quoting terminology a plaintiff used in a 2013 court case. Indeed, Kavanaugh made that clear, beginning his statement with “they said” in making reference to the plaintiff. The full quote is “They said filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objecting to.” Harris conveniently cut that part from the video before uploading it to her millions of followers so it would appear to be Kavanaugh’s personal opinion.

Kavanaugh did indeed choose his words wisely as Harris noted – which is why she had to twist them to create a lie.

Cory Booker Spartacus Lie

Prepping for his own inevitable presidential run, Cory Booker compared himself to a Thracian gladiator during the hearings in what he wanted to be a “mic drop” moment. “This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment,” he said, threatening to release confidential documents he claimed would expose Kavanaugh as a supporter of racial profiling.

Just one problem: the documents were not confidential, they were released the night before by Bill Burck (though Booker’s stunt would’ve been cringe-inducing regardless).

Ironically, the documents showed that Kavanaugh opposed racial profiling, not supported it. What an alternative fact that was!

Did Kavanaugh Perjure Himself? NBC’s Shameless Reporting

NBC News is continuing to prove the media is the enemy of the American people that President Trump derides them as.

On October 2nd they ran a story claiming that texts from Kavanaugh prove he was trying to discredit accuser Deborah Ramierez before her accusations were made public when they were published in a New Yorker story.

From these texts, the left-wing publication Slate concluded that “Kavanaugh said, under oath during his testimony last week, that the first time he had heard of Ramirez’s allegations was in the New Yorker story. The text messages would indicate that that is not true and would get to the larger point that Kavanaugh has not told the truth in a number of instances during the confirmation process, and potentially perjured himself…”

Just one problem: NBC screwed up their timeline. Rather than make any note of a correction to their story, they stealthfully edited it without saying a word. Below is a side by side comparison, with the original text on the left, and the revisions on the right, which clarified that Kavanaugh’s texts came after the New Yorker article was published, not before.

And yet, the headline on their article remains “Text messages suggest Kavanaugh wanted to refute accuser’s claim before it became public.”

NBC truly is shameless.

The Calendar Corroboration Myth 

After mocking the fact that Brett Kavanaugh kept detailed calendars in his youth, liberals are now swarming on one theory that attempts to use them against him. Of the boys Ford remembers at the party she was allegedly assaulted at, in addition to Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, she remembers a boy named Patrick “PJ” Smyth. Why is that relevant? Because in Kavanaugh’s 1982 calendar, there’s an entry for July 1: “Go to Timmy’s for skis [beers] with [Mark] Judge, Tom, P.J., Bernie and Squi.” Since both Judge and Smyth are among the invitees, as are three others, could this be a reference to the party Ford was allegedly assaulted at?

That’s the theory of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse…. and it’s nonsense.

For starters, Timmy’s house was a townhouse, not the kind of home that Ford describes in her account. Second, that townhouse is 11 miles away from the Columbia Country Club, while the house Ford was allegedly assaulted at was 8 miles away from the country club. Third, “Squi” (Chris Garrett) is a friend of Kavanaugh’s who Ford herself dated. Squi thus would’ve been named as one of the boys at the party she remembered, if this was indeed the same party.

It’s ironic that it was journalists on the left that created the term “fake news” to attack the right, since in their industry “fake news” tends to be the rule rather than the exception.

September 11, 2018: Ep. 804 New Texts Expose More Corruption

In this episode I address the new revelations about a plot to leak sensitive information to the media in order to damage the Trump team. I also discuss the endless attacks on conservatives and President Trump’s aggressive efforts to fight back. Finally, I address the question, “do illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than native-born Americans?”

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