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Nunes Slams Mueller Report for Ignoring “Wide Range” of FBI Abuses

Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) slammed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report for ignoring the “wide range of abuses” committed by the FBI during its investigation of the Trump campaign.

In a statement released this afternoon, Nunes said the report made clear that the false allegations  from the discredited Christopher Steele dossier about Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page played a major role in the appointment of the Special Counsel, along with the FISA applications used to spy on him.

The congressman slammed those he says “colluded” in the effort to perpetuate the Russia hoax narrative, including the media, Fusion GPS, Democratic leaders in Congress, the Clinton campaign and partisan intelligence leaders and called upon them to apologize.

Read Nunes’ full statement below:

The Mueller report ignored a wide range of abuses committed during the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. And now, with the revelation that the Special Counsel was authorized at the outset to investigate Carter Page for allegedly colluding with Russians to hack the election, it’s clear that false allegations from the Steele dossier played a major role not only in the FISA warrant application on Page, but in the appointment of the Special Counsel as well.

The biggest takeaway from the entire Russia hoax is that our nation’s counter-intelligence capabilities should never again be abused to target an administration’s political opponents. Those who colluded in this effort – the media, Fusion GPS, Democratic Party leaders in Congress, the Clinton campaign, and partisan intelligence leaders – should apologize to the innocent people they maligned and to the American people they deceived.

Nunes to Look for Info on Three Possible “Setups” in Final Mueller Report

Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said he will be looking for information on “some type of setup” on three subjects in the final Mueller report set to be released tomorrow.

Speaking to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham last night, Nunes said “What I’m going to be looking for is there’s three specific areas where I think there was some type of setup involved.”

The three subjects he cited were General Michael Flynn, Maltese academic, Joseph Mifsud, and the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting:

  1. “The first is involved with Gen. Flynn,” Nunes said. “Gen. Flynn was supposedly entrapped, was meeting with a Russian woman. I want to know what really happened there because we are just now finding out about this and we need a lot more information on what really was general Flynn doing. It’s a big deal if somebody within our intelligence agencies were accusing a three star general of having some type of Russian fling. It’s serious stuff. I want to get to the bottom of that.”
  2. “The second big question is Joseph Mifsud,” Nunes continued. “Joseph Mifsud is how this whole investigation started. Mueller describes him as some type of Russian asset of some kind. If Joseph Mifsud was a Russian asset, we’ve got big problems with our British and Italian allies because he seems to be pictured with every British and Italian person that we know of. That is something that we also want to know about. And Mifsud was the guy who set up Papadopoulos.”
  3. “The third issue I want to know about is this infamous Trump Tower meeting. When you hear the Democrats talk about that there’s ‘evidence in plain sight,’ the Russians that are involved in the infamous Trump Tower meeting in New York, I call them the Fusion GPS Russians,” Nunes said. “Fusion GPS was the company that was working for the Clinton campaign and the Democrats and somehow Glenn Simpson meets with them before and after and he’s actually, these are Russians he’s doing work for? I mean come on. If Mueller can’t get to the bottom of this and answer this for the American people, I don’t know what the report was really worth.”

For the full report from the Washington Examiner, click HERE.


Breaking: Nunes Sends Criminal Referral Notification to Barr–“Potential Violations” in Russia Probe

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has sent a criminal referral notification to Attorney General William Barr claiming “potential violations” in the FBI’s handling of the Trump-Russia probe, according to Fox News.

“As part of that investigation, Committee Republicans identified several potential violations of law,” Nunes wrote in a brief letter to Barr today.

Nunes and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) are prepared to brief the attorney general on their “eight criminal referrals.”

According to Fox, “The letter did not provide further details on what the referrals will allege but the congressman previously told Fox News the referrals include two for conspiracy, as well as for ‘global leaks’ and for lying, misleading or obstructing congressional investigators.”

Yesterday, Attorney General Barr testified before a Senate committee that he believed “spying” on the Trump campaign did occur.

“I think spying did occur,” he said. “The question is whether it was adequately predicated. … I think it’s my obligation. Congress is usually very concerned with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane.”

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) recently suggested more criminal referrals are in the works.

Responding to a tweet on Monday about Nunes’ referrals, Meadows wrote, “More criminal referrals to come. And certainly more deserved. Overwhelming evidence shows multiple FBI + DOJ executives abused their power to undermine a duly elected President Trump. They will be held accountable.”

Meadows: MORE Criminal Referrals to Come

Just one day after Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced he would be sending eight criminal referrals to the Department of Justice relating to FBI/DOJ misconduct, Rep. Mark Meadows said even more referrals would be coming.

Responding to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo’s tweet that Nunes would be sending eight criminal referrals to DOJ, Meadows wrote, “The right move from @DevinNunes. More criminal referrals to come. And certainly more deserved. Overwhelming evidence shows multiple FBI + DOJ executives abused their power to undermine a duly elected President Trump. They will be held accountable.”

Like Nunes, Meadows has been leading investigations into allegations of anti-Trump bias and misconduct within the Department of Justice and FBI.

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Last month, Meadows announced that “sitting ambassadors” were involved in the DOJ/FBI attempted takedown of President Trump.

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Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Meadows said he had additional information coming out “that will show not only was there no collusion, but there was a coordinated effort to take this president down. We talk about the ‘Deep State.’ There are players now, even ambassadors, that are sitting ambassadors that were involved in part of this with the FBI-DOJ.”

The congressman continued, “As we look at this, it’s time to show that we show the American people what’s out there, declassify some of those documents. I think when the American people see what I’ve seen, they will judge for themselves and know that this has all been a hoax.”

Nunes Sues McClatchy Claiming it Sought to Derail His Work in Clinton, Russia Probes

Ranking House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes (R-CA) filed a $150 million lawsuit against the news agency, The McClatchy Company claiming one of its reporters conspired with a political consultant to derail his work in the Clinton and Russia investigations.

Fox News reports that Nunes named Republican political consultant Liz Mair in yesterday’s complaint, alleging that she conspired with McClatchy reporter MacKenzie Mays to “spread a variety of untruthful and misleading smears — including that Nunes ‘was involved with cocaine and underage prostitutes’ — online and in print.”

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The lawsuit claims the defendants “abandoned the role of journalist, and chose to leverage their considerable power to spread falsehoods and to defame” the congressman for “political and financial gain.”

Specifically, the lawsuit cites a Fresno Bee article titled, “A yacht, cocaine, prostitutes: Winery partly owned by Nunes sued after fundraiser event.”

The article addresses allegations from a lawsuit which claims “25 of the Napa Valley-based [Alpha Omega Winery]’s top investors, all men — [who] were openly using what appeared to be cocaine and ‘drawing straws’ for which sex worker to hire.”

Nunes’ lawsuit claims, “The McClatchy headline intentionally omitted the word ‘charity’ and labeled the event a ‘fundraiser’ in a clear effort to imply it was a political fundraising event that a politician like Congressman Nunes would naturally attend.”

Nunes said that despite the fact that the winery explicitly told McClatchy that the congressman was unaffiliated with the event, the news service wrote in its article, “[i]t’s unclear … if he [Nunes] was … affiliated with the fundraiser.”

The newspaper also attempted to make a connection between the winery’s Russian clients and Nunes, who–at the time–was heading up the investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

Fox News writes:

A series of unmentioned “stealth edits” were made to the article post-publication. The original article stated that the winery serviced “Russian clients while the congressman was at the helm of a federal investigation of Russian meddling into the presidential election.”

Eventually the sentence was changed to make it clear that the wine sales to Russians came years before the Russia probe began: “Nunes’ ties to [the winery] made national headlines last year because it was discovered the winery sold wine to Russian clients in 2013. The discovery came amid Nunes’ ongoing involvement in a federal investigation of Russian meddling into the presidential election.”

Nunes told Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night, “They need to retract everything they did against me, but they also need to come clean with the American people. Retract all of their fake news stories. This is part of the broader clean-up. Remember, a few weeks ago, I filed against Twitter — they’re censoring conservatives. McClatchy is one of the worst offenders of this. But we’re coming after the rest of them. I think people are beginning to wake up now, I’m serious — I’m coming to clean up the mess.”

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Nunes Issuing up to TWO DOZEN Criminal Referrals

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said yesterday that he will issue as many as two dozen criminal referrals to the Department of Justice relating to misconduct during the Trump-Russia investigation.

“The American people need to have confidence in the FBI and the Department of Justice. So, we are working on the referrals,” the California congressman said to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “There’s going to be many of them. There are going to probably at least be a dozen if not two dozen individuals, and as we continue to get more information and build these and build them out, we want to make sure that everything is finished before we turn them in.”

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“There are people who definitely lied and misled Congress, OK? So if they don’t go to prison we’re going to have a two-tiered…justice system in this country and it is not going to be good for the American people.”

Watch the full exchange below:

Hannity: Sources Say “Extraordinarily Damning” info Coming out Soon on DOJ/FBI

Talk radio and Fox News host Sean Hannity says his sources told him “extraordinarily damning” information on the Department of Justice and FBI will be released soon.

Speaking to Congressman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Monday on Hannity, the host said, “There are going to be criminal referrals issued this week by Chairman Nunes. There are going to be — the president, I interviewed last week — there will be the FISA applications released. There will be [FBI] 302s released, [and] there will be Gang of Eight material. We’ve identified five buckets of information that will be extraordinarily damning. I know that to be the case, based on all of my sources.”

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The Washington Examiner points out:

Both Hannity and House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., have talked for months about fighting for the release of several “buckets”of information related to potential misconduct of federal officials.

Nunes says he is prepared to submit a criminal referral this week after President Trump said Wednesday he plans to release the unredacted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants made during the early stages of the Russia investigation.

For the full story, click HERE.

Report: Nunes Criminal Referrals Coming Very Soon

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) will send the Department of Justice his criminal referrals on several individuals connected to the investigation of the Trump campaign “in one or two weeks,” the congressman’s spokesman confirmed to the Epoch Times.

The Congressman told Breitbart on March 27 that it was time to go on offense and “track down” the “dirty players” in the corrupt Trump investigation.

“We knew this was a joke from the beginning, and I’ve said as much for a long time,” Nunes said in response to the Mueller report conclusions. “Basically, from the time our report came out, which has been a year. But now, the real work begins. It’s good to not have that sitting out there. But we have to now go on offense and track down all these dirty cops and bad players.”

Nunes specified that the criminal referrals will be sent to DOJ in one letter.

“As of now, it’ll be one criminal referral, but with multiple referrals on a number of different crimes,” Nunes told Breitbart. “We will have some leakers in there, for sure.”

The Times points out that Nunes believes Attorney General Barr will act on his criminal referrals and that the Congressman told Fox News the crimes involve lying to Congress.

“There’ll be things in there that cannot be ignored. There will be crimes. So they have to be dealt with,” he said.

For the full story, click HERE.