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Report: Migrant Caravans Used by Cartels to Sneak Drugs into U.S.

The migrant caravans inundating the United States are being used by cartel members to smuggle drugs into the country, according to a Washington Times report.

The large groups of migrants often overwhelm Border Patrol agents, allowing drug gangs to take advantage of the situation and ship drugs across the border while agents remain occupied providing humanitarian aid to the illegal immigrants.

A Customs and Border Protection official said, “They’re using these large groups to facilitate the crossing of narcotics because they know they’ve tied up a large percentage of our manpower.”

The Times reports:

“On any day, about 150 Border Patrol agents are pulled out of the field and have to do “hospital watch,” staying with hundreds of illegal immigrants who were so sick when they arrived that they needed immediate medical attention, officials said.

The latest large group was nabbed near Ajo, Arizona, on Thursday.

The 320 people came to a part of the U.S.-Mexico border where there is no fence, but rather a vehicle barrier to prevent cars and trucks from driving across.

The group easily climbed the barrier, then demanded the attention of Border Patrol agents.

“You’re pulling from a security mission in order to be able to perform a humanitarian mission,” the border official said.”

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Border Town Residents Fear Cartel Retaliation for Reporting Criminal Migrant Activity

Americans in border towns in New Mexico are leery of reporting crimes and suspicious activities by illegal immigrants because they fear they will be retaliated against by drug cartels, according to a  Washington Examiner report.

Seven residents who live within 30 to 50 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border told the paper that calling local or federal law enforcement for help after discovering they have been victims of illegal immigrant crime could lead to “nasty consequences.”

One cattle rancher from Hidalgo County told the Examiner he calls in every crime, but not without punishment from the cartels.

“I turned in 700 pounds [of marijuana] up here … I called it in [to Border Patrol]. They went and got it. That night, they [smugglers] came back. They … broke off all the floats off my troughs — chopped ’em up, drained all of it,” he said.

Another cattle rancher, Cammi Moore in Animas is also concerned about reporting illegal activity.

“You don’t know whether to call them [suspected criminals] or not, if they are packing ’cause there is retaliation on some families,” she said.

The Examiner writes, that Moore then “noted the case of Bob Krentz, a prominent rancher in nearby Cochise County, Ariz., who many believe was murdered by drug cartel members after he left to check on his cattle in 2010 and never returned.”

Hidalgo County commissioner Joel Edwards said resident’s claims of cartel retaliation are “legitimate.”

“I mix and mingle with those folks a lot,” Edwards said. “That’s pretty much a real common feeling out there … I’ve heard it quite a bit in the last few weeks. They’re just scared.”

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