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George Papadopoulos Shines Light on ANOTHER FBI Entrapment Scheme

Note: This article is a podcast summary of Episode 978 of The Dan Bongino Show, titled “It’s Over.” 

Long-time listeners of the show know about the FBI’s attempts to entrap George Papadopoulos in London by trying to goad him into revealing information about Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails that he did not posses. The FBI would later claim suspicions regarding Papadopoulos’ contacts was their justification for opening a secretive counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, even though all evidence suggests it was Christopher Steele’s dossier that actually justified it.

That wasn’t all – new revelations indicate there was yet another attempt to entrap Papadopoulos, this one possibly coming from Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel.

Buried on the final page of the memo recommending that Papadopoulos serve 6-months in jail for making false statements to the FBI is a reference to a $10,000 payment Papadopoulos said he received from a foreign national he suspected to be a spy. The court filing recommended a fine between $500-$9,500 for that (and a $9,500 fine was part of his sentence).

This is where things get interesting. According to the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross:

While Mueller’s court filing makes no other reference to the individual, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned that a man named Charles Tawil gave Papadopoulos $10,000 during a meeting in an Israeli hotel room in July 2017.

It must be emphasized here how bizarre it is to pay someone $10,000 in cash for a business transaction in the modern age.

Sources familiar with the matter told TheDCNF Tawil flew to the Greek island of Mykonos to meet Papadopoulos and his now-wife, Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos. Tawil invited the pair to Israel, but Mangiante Papadopoulos stayed behind.

Earlier Papadapoulos had flown to Cyprus on June 9th according to his book “Deep State Target.” Of note, there’s a record of Andrew Weissman, an attorney for Robert Mueller’s special counsel, on the island on June 13th (source: page 5), but Talking Points Memo claims this was related to investigating Paul Manafort.

Papadopoulos gave the money to an attorney in Greece before traveling back to the U.S., a source told The Daily Caller on the condition of anonymity. Papadopoulos was arrested at Dulles International Airport on a return trip from overseas on July 27, 2017.

Papadopoulos and Tawil met through an Israeli political strategist named David Ha’ivri. Ha’ivri told The Daily Caller said that he introduced the pair “at my own initiative” to facilitate a business deal involving an oil and gas project in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

When Papadopoulos landed at Dulles airport he was immediately greeted by FBI agents as he landed. They already had his baggage in their possession.

This is where the dollar value of $10,000 becomes relevant – as it’s the exact threshold for which one needs to declare assets when entering the country. The FBI likely had hoped to catch Papadopoulos with $10,000 that he didn’t declare, but he didn’t have the cash on him because he  wisely left it in Greece. With that likely plan failing, instead the FBI arrested him for “false statements.” Also of note, Papadopoulos was flying into Dullas airport for a connecting flight back to Chicago, and it would’ve been standard for him to have been arrested at his ending destination of Chicago. Papadopoulos would’ve been forced to claim money at Dulles (his initial entry back into the U.S.) – but not in Chicago.

Even more suspicious, Papadopoulos claimed on Twitter that the bills he was given are marked (with the purpose to tracing the money to him); comments he reiterated while appearing on Maria Bartiromo’s show this week. “I actually want Congress, Barr, Horowitz, and Huber to review the bills because I still have the bills and I think they are marked,” Papadopoulos said. “These bills that are still in Athens right now must be examined by the investigators because I think they are marked and they’re going to go all the way back to DOJ, under the previous FBI under Comey, and even the Mueller team.”

“If the Mueller team is going around entrapping campaign associates and Trump associates, the way they did to me — I am sure it wasn’t just me they did it to — it’s going to open up a massive can of worms,” Papadopoulos continued. “I think we need to get to the bottom of exactly not only how did this story start, but why were they entrapping us moving forward.”

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Comey: “Totally Normal” to Plant Undercover Sources in Political Campaigns

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey said it is “reasonable” and “totally normal” to plant undercover investigators in political campaigns.

Speaking at a CNN town hall last night, Comey was asked if Azra Turk, the woman who posed as Stefan Halper’s assistant to seduce George Papadopoulos was “spying” on the campaign.

“Yeah, I’m not going to comment on a particular investigative step, because that’s for the bureau to do, and I’m not in the government any longer, but the FBI doesn’t spy to begin with. The FBI investigates. And you got to remember where we were in the end of July 2016,” Comey said.

“We knew the Russians were engaged in a massive effort to attack our democracy, and then we learn from an allied ambassador that one of President Trump-elect — candidate Trump’s advisers had been talking to a Russian representative long before that about dirt they had on Hillary Clinton that the Russians wanted to make available,” he continued.

Anderson Cooper asked Comey, “You said it’s not spying. Why do you think Attorney General Barr used the word ‘spying’ which is obviously the word the president has used as well?”

“The only explanation I can think of is he used it because the president used it, which is really disappointing. He knows better than that, and knows that the FBI conducts electronic surveillance by going to federal judges and getting warrants based on probable cause,” the former FBI Director said.

Cooper pressed, “But sending an investigator undercover to meet with somebody who is connected to the campaign, they claimed he was later on just a coffee boy. That is an extreme step, no?”

No, it’s a reasonable — that was the guy, Papadopoulos, who was the subject of the information we got from the Australians that he had talked to the Russians,” Comey said. “I don’t remember talking about that particular step with my team. I knew they were trying to see if they could check it out. That’s a totally normal step. See if you can get somebody close to the person and see if they’ll confirm what we heard from the Australians.”

For the full report, click HERE.

Nunes Demands CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ Provide Info on Mysterious Mifsud

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is requesting documents from the CIA, NSA, FBI and DOJ pertaining to the mysterious Maltese professor who told Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Nunes sent a letter to the government agencies on Friday evening where he requested “copies of all the information in your departments’ and agencies’ possession related to Joseph Mifsud, including emails, all relevant reports and records of his contact with any elements of the U.S. government.”

He told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he is “trying to get to the bottom of Mifsud” since he is the alleged catalyst for the entire Trump-Russia investigation.

“Well, we’re trying to get to the bottom of Mifsud, so as we talked about it on the last segment this guy originates the investigation. We know that as the Mueller team wrote this Mueller dossier, they used a lot of these news stories that sometimes were generated by leaks from the FBI. Now I don’t think the American people expect 20 DOJ lawyers and 40 FBI agents to write a 450-page report that’s built off of news stories that in many cases they generated,” he said.

He continued, “I particularly have a problem with this with one of the stories is because they pick a news story and then they cherry-pick from it, so they use it partly to describe where Mifsud worked, but then they fail to say in that same story, that they have given support to by using it in the Mueller dossier, they cherry-pick it and they don’t use that Mifsud was described as a ‘western intelligence asset.'”

Nunes went on to describe how Mifsud worked at Link Campus, a university in Malta, and said the FBI was at the school doing training all the time.

“So how is it that we spend 30+ million dollars on [the Mueller investigation], as taxpayers, and they can’t even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is?” the congressman asked.

Nunes then said he believes Mifsud has ties to the U.S. State Department and that he was invited to the U..S Capitol in 2017.

“And remember, why is Mifsud so important?” Nunes asked. “Because Mueller, the Mueller dossier team, they essentially make this guy out to be a Russian asset under the control of Putin, said that he has ties to these Russians. Sound familiar? ”

“So, this is the origination of this investigation and it seems like Mifsud has an awful lot of ties to U.S., British, and Italian intelligence services,” he continued.

Watch his full interview below:

WATCH: Papadopoulos Responds to NYT Report That FBI Spied on Him

Former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos responded last night to the better-late-than-never report from the New York Times that the FBI sent an informant to spy on him.

Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Papadopoulos explained the genesis of the spying:

“I received an unsolicited email in September of 2016 from a man who was suggesting that he wanted to pay me $3,000 to write a report on energy security questions and I was an expert on it at the time and Israel, Turkey and Cyprus,” he said. “I looked him up because I’d never heard of him. I saw that he had worked in four administrations and he was a professor at Cambridge so accepted his offer and he flew me to London where he paid for my five-star hotel and he said before I meet with you I want you to meet my assistant.”

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“I went and I met with her and she was very suggestive as you can understand, younger, very flirtatious,” he continued.

“I right away understood this wasn’t a Cambridge assistant and she barely spoke English and she was very flirty and was trying to do two things, want to extract information about my professional connections in the Middle East and two to see if I had any information that she could potentially extract from meat on a Trump Russia which is nonsense. After I met with her she then is introduced to me again the next day where she goes from this suggestive young lady who now pouring his coffee and stuff on him is very belligerent,” he continued.

“From that moment I knew there was something wrong and I was laughing about it but now of course ‘The New York Times’ reported that she was some sort of agent but I don’t think she was FBI, I think she was CIA.”

Trump campaign chairman Brad Parscale released a statement yesterday slamming Democrats and the media for their feigned outrage over Attorney General William Barr’s use of the term “spying” to describe what happened to the Trump campaign.

“There is a word for this in the English language: spying. Democrats and their media friends have expressed horror at the term, but there is no other way to describe it: The FBI spied on the Trump campaign in 2016,” Parscale said. “For two years, Democrats and their allies in the media have lied to the American people about the Russia collusion hoax, when all along the real scandal was the Obama administration using the Justice Department to spy on a political adversary’s campaign. As President Trump has said, it is high time to investigate the investigators.”