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Almost HALF of Trump 2020 Donations Come from Women

Almost half of President Trump’s 2020 campaign donations have come from women, according to a Newsweek report.

In the first quarter of 2019, President Trump’s campaign raised $1.47 million from women donors, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Overall, 45 percent of donations came from women and 55 percent came from men.

Newsweek points out this marks a significant increase from the 2016 race:

That’s a significant increase from 2016, when only 28 percent of Trump’s total campaign contributions during the election came from women. Hillary Clinton’s campaign had over 52 percent of their donations come from women.

Of the 15 presidential candidates analyzed by the nonprofit research group, Trump ranked third when it came to percentage of female donors, and fifth in terms of the amount of money contributed by women. New York Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand had the highest percentage of women contributors with 52.5 percent, followed by California Democrat Kamala Harris with 49.2 percent.

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Clinton Claims 2016 Election Was “Stolen” from Her

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is claiming the 2016 election was “stolen” from her.

Speaking to a crowd in Los Angeles, CA for her “Evening with the Clintons” tour, Clinton warned other candidates that they could be next.

“I think it’s also critical to understand that, as I’ve been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you,” she said.

“And that, my friends, has nothing to do with the economy, does it?” she said.

“So part of our challenge is to understand what it will take to put together not only the popular vote but the Electoral College.”

Dan slammed Clinton’s comments this morning on Fox and Friends, and reminded viewers about the real Russian collusion.

“Is there a politician with more temerity anywhere than Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton’s team literally–not figuratively…literally paid foreign spies to gather information from Russians to use to attack Donald Trump in the FISA court during the campaign, and she’s now complaining the election was stolen from her?” he said.

“I mean the gall! The nerve on Mrs. Clinton. And I just wish more networks would do what we’re doing and stick to the facts on this case and start asking the questions about the real collusion. Why did Hillary’s team collude with Russian intelligence to feed information to our law enforcement? It’s a simple question.”

Book: Arrogant Obama Felt American People “Turned on Him” after 2016 Election

A book by New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker claims President Obama saw it as a “personal insult” that Donald Trump won the 2016 election and felt that the American people had “turned on him.”

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The Daily Mail reports that the book, titled, Obama: The Call Of History reveals:

The former president went from being confident that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump to seeing it as a ‘personal insult’ that she lost.

Obama could not believe the American people had ‘turned on him’ for a man he had written off as a ‘cartoon’.

As the dust settled Obama told his family that ‘this hurts’ and blamed Clinton who ‘brought many of her troubles on herself’ and ran a ‘scripted, soulless campaign’.

The eye-popping details are in the new edition of ‘Obama: The Call Of History’ by New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker.

The book was originally released in July 2017 but has been updated with extensive new reporting throughout Obama’s time in office – and the run through of election day is electrifying.

According to the Daily Mail, the book states that Obama thought to himself that the American people “simply could not have decided to replace him with a buffoonish showman whose calling cards had been repeated bankruptcies, serial marriages and racist dog whistles.”

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Crooked Hillary Wants Barr to Resign: “He is the President’s Defense Lawyer”

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed Attorney General William Barr last night and called for his resignation.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last night, Clinton said Barr “auditioned” for the job as Attorney General and was hired to protect the president.

“I think he is doing the job he was hired to do. He auditioned for the job with his 19 page memo basically saying there is no such thing as obstruction of justice when it comes to a president,” she said.

“He was hired to make sure that was a reality,” Clinton continued. “He has behaved in that way. I think that the Democrats on the committee did a good job today exposing that. He is the presidents defense lawyer. He is not the Attorney General of the United States in the way that he has conducted himself.”

Clinton said the calls for Barr’s resignation make “perfect sense” because he is not fulfilling the duties of the office.

“He’s not going to resign, and at this point, I think that we know what we need to know about him.  Bob Mueller has made that abundantly clear: that he has not represented accurately the context, the nature and the substance of the investigation.”

New Transcript: Strzok/Page Text Messages “Freaked Out” Top FBI Lawyer

Top FBI Lawyer James Baker told Congress that reading just “a couple” of text messages between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page “freaked” him out, according to CNSNews.

A newly released transcript of Baker’s October, 2018 testimony reveals the former top bureau lawyer said messages between the two lovers “worried” him and that he was concerned whether some decisions in the Clinton email investigation may have been “driven by political bias.”

Strzok–as CNSNews points out–was the lead counterintelligence investigator in both the Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia investigation and Page was an FBI attorney assigned to work with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The two lovers exchanged thousands of text messages which included pro-Clinton, anti-Trump rhetoric.

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Baker told Congress, “So I only read like a couple [Strzok/Page text messages], literally a couple. But that was enough for me to hear, that it freaked me out. And I was worried and I thought we need to get on top of this quickly.”

In the testimony, a Republican staffer asked Baker, “[I]t’s my understanding you played a very unique role early on with requesting that an inspection be done of the Midyear [Clinton email investigation] case once these texts became known.”

Baker replied:

So, yes, when I heard about these texts, I only read a few of them. They were described to me. And I immediately became quite alarmed. And so my thinking was, well, from a — from the — okay. I don’t know what — I know that — I knew that the inspector general was looking at them. I knew that they would address them. And so I knew that there was a process in place.

So what I was concerned about is whether — whether any decisions had been taken — or not taken — in the Midyear case that were driven by political bias of any sort. I was quite worried about that. And I wanted to make sure that we as an institution, the Bureau as an institution, got on top that extremely quickly.

And so I suggested to the leadership that we put together some type of team — I didn’t exactly know how to do that, but I consulted with other folks — to basically do a review of the case and have an independent group of people come in and look at and assess whether any decisions were made that looked unusual, that looked like they were driven by bias, decisions made, actions taken, or things not done.

That’s what I was also worried about, the omissions, right? So we talked about that, and there was an agreement to do that, and eventually it was set up and it was done.

At the outset I was also quite worried, knowing full well that the inspector general’s office was doing an investigation, that I didn’t want to mess up anything that they were doing. And so we worked in coordination with the inspector general. I actually spoke to him and made sure that he knew what we were doing — and his staff — knew what we were doing, why we wanted to do it, to make sure that it was okay with him. And he approved it, his office approved it.

So we went forward with this review, sort of done quietly off to the side. But from my perspective it was incumbent upon us as good managers to actually be good managers and to do this.

Documents Reveal “Cover-up” Discussions Relating to Clinton Email Scandal

Conservative Watchdog group Judicial Watch has uncovered 422 pages of FBI documents showing evidence of “cover-up” discussions from the IT company, Platte River Networks, which managed Hillary Clinton’s email server.

FBI notes of an interview with an unidentified Platte River Networks employee in February 2016 show that the IT company “gave someone access to live HRC archive mailbox at some point.”

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The notes go on to show an email from Dec 11, 2014 which reads, ““Hillary cover up operation work ticket archive cleanup.”

The unidentified employee said that the “cover up operation” email “probably related to change to 60 day [sic] email retention policy/backup.” The subject indicated that he didn’t “recall the prior policy.” The notes also indicated, “[Redacted] advised [redacted] not to answer questions related to conv [conversation] w/DK [David Kendall] document 49 – based on 5th amendment.”

Other documents uncovered by Judicial Watch include:

  • A Platte River Networks email between redacted parties on December 11, 2014: “Its [sic] all part of the Hillary coverup operation <smile> I’ll have to tell you about it at the party”
  • An Email from Platte River Networks in August 2015: So does this mean we don’t have offsite backups currently? That could be a problem if someone hacks this thing and jacks it up. We will have to be able to produce a copy of it somehow, or we’re in some deep sh*t. Also, what ever [sic] came from the guys at Datto about the old backups? Do they have anyway [sic] of getting those back after we were told to cut it to 30 days?”
  • In March 2015, Platte River Networks specifically discusses security of the email server: [Redacted] is going to send over a list of recommendations for us to apply for additional security against hackers. He did say we should probably remove all Clinton files, folders, info off our servers etc. on an independent drive.

Documents show the IT company also used BleachBit on Clinton’s email server which was downloaded from a vendor called SourceForge at 11:42 am on March 31, 2015 and was used to delete files from Clinton’s server.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says, “Judicial Watch uncovered new ‘cover-up’ records on the illicit Clinton email system that further demonstrate the sham nature of the FBI/DOJ ‘investigation’ of hee. These shocking new documents show that various Obama agencies were protecting Hillary Clinton from the consequences of her misconduct. It is well past time for the DOJ to stop shielding Hillary Clinton and hold her fully accountable to the rule of law.”

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