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Arrests Begin as Migrant Caravan Members Illegally Cross Border

More than a dozen migrants have been arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border for trying to cross illegally, a San Diego Border Patrol source told Fox News.

One group was arrested on the beach in an area called Playas de Tijuana. Another, larger group, was apprehended in the mountains east of the San Diego border community, Otay Mesa.

Separately, a fight broke out Wednesday night in Tijuana between Mexicans and the caravan members: “The migrants complained that the locals were yelling: ‘Go home. We don’t want you here!’ Members of the caravan complained to reporters that local police made no attempt to break up the fight.”

About two dozen migrants camped out along the border fence, while other went to shelters or are sleeping in tents.

Roughly 400 migrants arrived in Tijuana by bus on Tuesday evening, and are the first of the caravan to reach the border.  Thousands more migrants are expected to arrive in the next few days.

Of those already at the border, the New York Times reports that a few of them were already looking to make appointments with U.S. border officials to present their cases for sanctuary.  However, most “appear to be biding their time and considering their options, including seeking sanctuary in the United States, trying to cross illegally or remaining in Mexico.”

Defense Secretary James Mattis visited the border yesterday and defended the deployment of thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, calling it  “a moral and ethical mission to support our border patrolmen.”

Mattis said, “border security is part of national security” and emphasized the mission of the military was to support U.S. Customs and Border Protection as the migrant caravans arrive in the coming weeks.

Currently, about 7,000 soldiers and Marines have arrived in Texas, Arizona, and California, with President Trump warning that another 8,000 could be deployed if needed.



Caravan Splits Up, First of Several Groups Reach Mexico City

The first of many caravans of migrants making their way to the U.S. to claim asylum has reached Mexico City.

Hundreds of members of the caravan arrived in Mexico’s capital over the weekend, with around 450 people being given temporary shelter at a sports stadium in Mexico City.

Additionally, a separate, 4,000-strong caravan, split up into several groups with one spending the night in a town in the coastal state of Veracruz, according to a report from The Washington Times.

The divisions came during a tense day in which tempers flared and some migrants argued with caravan organizers and criticized Mexican officials. They were upset that Veracruz Gov. Miguel Angel Yunes had reneged on an offer late Friday to provide buses on Saturday to help assist the migrants on their trek to Mexico City.

Federal officials told the mayor of Cordoba and the governor of Veracruz that they could be prosecuted for human trafficking if they provided buses, so they withdrew the offer.

Four caravans are currently traveling inside Mexico, totaling some 12,000 Central American migrants.

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Caravan Migrants File Lawsuit Against Trump, U.S. Government

Twelve migrants traveling on foot from Honduras to the United States filed a lawsuit against President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday.

The lawsuit claims the migrant’s Fifth Amendment due process rights would be violated and that the president cannot utilize the military to stop asylum-seekers from entering the country when they have a fair claim. It also criticizes President Trump for stoking “fear and hysteria” with his claim that gang members have joined the migrant caravan.

Twelve Honduran nationals are listed as plaintiffs in the suit which was filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. The lawsuit said the “well-documented human rights crisis” in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador is widely known. It also claims the plaintiff’s right to the Administrative Procedures Act and the Declaratory Judgement Act were being infringed upon.

During a Thursday speech on immigration at the White House, President Trump said his administration was finalizing a plan to end the abuse of the United States’ asylum program.

“The biggest loophole drawing illegal aliens to our borders is the use of fraudulent or meritless asylum claims to gain entry into our great country,” said Trump. “An alien simply crosses the border illegally, finds a Border Patrol agent, and using well-coached language — by lawyers and others that stand there trying to get fees or whatever they can get — they’re given a phrase to read. They never heard of the phrase before. They don’t believe in the phrase. But they’re given a little legal statement to read, and they read it. And now, all of a sudden, they’re supposed to qualify. But that’s not the reason they’re here.”

The president announced that the U.S. will no longer just release asylum-seekers into the country once they cross the border. Instead, they will stay in tent cities while they await their court dates.

“We’re going to hold them right there. We’re not letting them into our country,” he said. “And then they never show up — almost. It’s like a level of 3 percent. They never show up for the trial. So by the time their trial comes, they’re gone. Nobody knows where they are. But we know where a lot of them are, and they’re going to be deported.”

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Liberal Pundits Blast Trump for Obama-era Immigration Failures

Authored by: Matt Palumbo

No one knows how effective arguing based on immigration is more than the modern Left, and that’s shown in a string of particularly embarrassing (once debunked) but effective talking points that have been dominating social media for the past week.

First on the list is the claim that the government had simply lost 1,475 children in their custody. While a conservative could perhaps cite this is just the billionth example of government incompetence, the liberal angle on the statistic is that it’s a consequence of Trump’s strict policies on immigration, that he’s “breaking up families.” This particular claim originated from USA Today, which was citing congressional testimony by Health and Human Services (HHS) Acting Assistant Secretary Steven Wagner.

When unaccompanied minors are discovered at the border, there’s an HHS program that unites them either parents, close relatives, or another sponsor. It’s the following part of Wagner’s testimony that’s the basis for the “1,475 missing” claim:

From October to December 2017, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) attempted to reach 7,635 unaccompanied children (UAC) and their sponsors. Of this number, ORR reached and received agreement to participate in the safety and well-being call from approximately 86 percent of sponsors. From these calls, ORR learned that 6,075 UAC remained with their sponsors. Twenty-eight UAC had run away, five had been removed from the United States, and 52 had relocated to live with a non-sponsor. ORR was unable to determine with certainty the whereabouts of 1,475 UAC.

The government did not lose those children. The children were placed with families – and then those they were placed with didn’t respond to inquiries from the ORR. Even PBS republished the same misunderstanding of Wagner’s testimony.

That hasn’t been the only migration-related blunder that liberals have made in recent weeks.  An article showing images of children detained in an immigration facility spread like wildfire through social media, thanks entirely to a handful of pundits, including Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, CNN’s Hadas Gold, race-baiter extraordinaire Shaun King, New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, Sharia-law enthusiast Linda Sarsour, New York Times columnist Lauren Wolfe, and literally hundreds of thousands of others.

The thing is, had they even bothered to click through the article, they would’ve seen it was from June…. of 2014. Who do they think was President in 2014?

Yet despite the photos originating from the Obama days, the aforementioned pundits spoke about that image like they’d been ordered straight from The Donald himself.

Let’s be honest: the probability that every single one of those alleged-journalists misread the date on this story is 0 percent. It’s much more likely they hoped an old adage would hold true; that a lie gets half-way around the world before the truth can even get dressed.

Apparently not content with one lie, another is spreading from the alleged-journalists; that ICE had a deportation bus designed specifically for babies. It originated with Antonio Arellano, an ABC-Housan reporter. It was re-posted by Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas, former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines, Ana Navarro (inevitably), and NBC/MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt.

And again, had a single person actually clicked through the link, they would’ve found the article was published in April 2016 while Obama was President.

And what was the bus actually used for? Educational field trips.

The horror.

You know, for all the time the Left spends calling Trump a “Nazi,” it certainly is interesting that thy have to point towards alleged misdeeds under the Obama administration to prove it.

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