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Hannity: Sources Say Inspector General’s FISA Investigation Complete, “It’s Devastating”

Fox News host Sean Hannity said his sources tell him that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has completed his investigation into alleged FISA abuse and “it’s devastating.”

Speaking last night with his guests, former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, Hannity said,  “I have sources telling me that Horowitz perhaps is even finished with his report and certainly the attorney general has been briefed on what is coming.”

Later in the show, the Fox News host spoke with Sen. Lindsey Graham, where he reiterated his claims about Horowitz.

“I’m also hearing Horowitz is done and it’s devastating,” Hannity said.

Graham replied, “I can’t verify if Horowitz is done. I can’t tell you what he found. But I can tell you that if you care about the rule of law you’re going to be very upset about how the DOJ and FBI behaved themselves during the 2016 election.

He continued, “If you hate Trump, you won’t care. If you love the rule of law, you’ll be very upset.”

The Washington Examiner writes, “The completion of Horowitz’s investigation would be news. Attorney General William Barr recently predicted that it would be complete in either late May or June, but there has been no official word of its progress since. A Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment”.

Graham Bill Ends Asylum Claims at Border, Allows for Return of Minors to Home Countries

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) unveiled his immigration bill today which would end Central American asylum claims at the U.S. border and would allow for the return of unaccompanied minors to their home countries.

Graham says his legislation seeks to close loopholes exploited by illegal immigrants.

“The word is out on the street in Central America if you bring a minor child with you, your chance of being deported goes to almost zero, your hearing date is years away and we release you inside the country and that’s the goal of coming,” he said.

Fox News reports:

His bill would extend the time families can be held together from 20 days to 100 days to help allow claims to be filed without families being released into the U.S. It would also add an additional 500 immigration judges to deal with the backlog of asylum claims.

As for asylum claims, they would no longer be dealt with at the U.S. border. Instead, Graham seeks to have those applications filed at refugee processing centers in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador.

“No matter how high the wall will be built, how many drones you have, no matter how many agents you have in the border, they’ll keep coming because they want to get caught,” Graham said to reporters.

Graham Working to Declassify Key Document Proving FBI KNEW Dossier was BS

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is working to declassify a document that would prove the FBI knew that the anti-Trump dossier used to obtain a FISA warrant for Carter Page was nothing more than a Democrat hit-job against President Trump.

Speaking to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo yesterday, Graham said, “There’s a document that’s classified that I’m gonna try to get unclassified that takes the dossier — all the pages of it — and it has verification to one side. There really is no verification, other than media reports that were generated by reporters that received the dossier.”

He continued, “So, the bottom line is the dossier has never been independently confirmed. It was used to get a warrant.  They knew the author of the dossier was on the Democrat Party payroll. He hated Trump; they got the warrant anyway. Most Americans should be very upset about that. I’m very upset about it. And we’re going to get to the bottom of it.”

Fox News points out:

On four occasions, the FBI told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court that it “did not believe” former British spy Christopher Steele was the direct source for a Yahoo News article implicating former Trump aide Carter Page in Russian collusion, documents released after a lawsuit showed last year.

Instead, the FBI suggested to the court, the September 2016 article by Michael Isikoff was independent corroboration of the salacious, unverified allegations against Trump in the infamous Steele Dossier. Federal authorities used both the Steele Dossier and Yahoo News article to convince the FISA court to authorize a surveillance warrant for Page.

But London court records show that contrary to the FBI’s assessments, Steele briefed Yahoo News and other reporters in the fall of 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS — the opposition research firm behind the dossier.

For the full report, click HERE.

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Report: AG Barr “Pretty Upset” With Handling of Hillary Email Probe

Attorney General William Barr is reportedly “pretty upset” with the corrupt investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Speaking to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo yesterday, Sen. Lindsey Graham said the attorney general was unhappy with the handling of the FBI probe into Clinton’s private server.

“So it seems to me that [Clinton] was interviewed not under oath. She had a couple of her staff people with her. People in her campaign were given immunity without anything in return. Nobody in the Clinton investigation went to jail for lying about the process because there was no process,” the senator said.

“I know Bill Barr pretty well, and he’s pretty upset about the way all this was handled,” he continued.

Graham said he was unsure if Barr would appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the investigation and stressed that he was more concerned with the political bias within the DOJ/FBI that was on display during the Trump-Russia probe.

**LISTEN: Dan addresses the strong likelihood that Mueller knew he was investigating a hoax**

“I don’t know if he’s going to have a special prosecutor to look at the probability of criminal misbehavior,” Graham said. “I’m going to look at what happened from an oversight role. But I hope there’s a special counsel appointed to look at DOJ corruption and political bias, you know? Because Mueller did his job against Trump. Nobody’s really looked at the Clinton campaign, the FISA warrant abuse or the counterintelligence investigation for criminality yet and somebody should.”


AG Barr Willing to Testify before Senate Judiciary Cmte on Mueller Probe

Attorney General William Barr said he would be willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Mueller probe, according to Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham–who had a phone call with Barr earlier today–told reporters, “I told him I’d like him to come before the committee, he said he’d be glad to come, just give him some time to figure out, you know, as soon as possible, but thoroughly vet the report and make sure we don’t compromise anybody’s security.”

The Senator also noted that Barr would be speaking with Mueller to determine what aspects of the special counsel report should be made public.

The Hill reports, “Graham said that Barr could wait until after a public version of Mueller’s report was released before he appears before the Judiciary Committee, but reiterated that he wants him to testify publicly.”

“Go ahead and wait until he goes through the report, figures out what he can share with us and come to the committee and share it,” the Senator said. “We’re going to do it on Mr. Barr’s reasonable schedule. He needs, I think, some reasonable period of time to go through it, working with Mr. Mueller to make sure grand jury information is not disclosed.”

For the full report, click HERE.

“You’ve Got to be Kidding!” Graham Rips Reporter For Biased Mueller Probe Question

Senator Lindsey Graham ripped into a journalist today during a press conference after the reporter asked a biased question about the senator’s relationship to President Trump and whether or not it could be a “conflict of interest.”

“You brought up Jeff Sessions’ clear conflict of interest and yet you I’m told delivered a rousing speech at Mar a Lago over the weekend,” the journalist said. “Is that kind of public closeness to the President appropriate does that not at least give the appearance of a conflict of interest given your role in chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee?”

“You’ve got to be kidding! Did anybody ever ask during the Clinton impeachment that a Democrat was conflicted in speaking out on behalf of the president?” Graham replied.

“I am a elected political official. I am a Republican. I am going all over the country to speak to the Republican party. I want Trump to win. I’m chairman of the Judiciary Committee. I do my job very responsibly,” he continued.

**LISTEN: Dan discusses the total evisceration of the entire collusion hoax**

“This committee is going to allow Mr. Barr to come forward and answer some of the questions you’ve asked. I’ve asked him to lay it all out. I stood by Mr. Mueller because I believe in the rule of law. There’s politics and theres’ the rule of law. So to suggest that you’re a Republican and that you want Trump to win somehow you can’t do your job is absurd.”

Watch the heated exchange below:

Earlier today, Graham suggested he would call former FBI Director James Comey in for questioning after Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

After Comey tweeted a photo of himself in a forest with the caption, “So many questions,” Graham replied, “Could not agree more. See you soon,” indicating that he plans to question the former FBI Director about his involvement in the Russia collusion hoax.

Graham to Question Comey? Senator Sends “Ominous” Tweet to Former FBI Director

In a cryptic tweet, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggested he would call former FBI Director James Comey in for questioning after Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Yesterday, Comey tweeted a photo of himself in a forest with the caption: “So many questions.”

Graham replied, “Could not agree more. See you soon,” indicating that he plans to question the former FBI Director about his involvement in the Russia collusion hoax.

Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr released the “principle conclusions” of Mueller’s report which stated unequivocally that the Special Counsel found no evidence of collusion “despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign.”

**LISTEN: Dan discusses the total evisceration of the entire collusion hoax**

Fox News writes, “For Trump, who has tweeted more than 230 times that he did not collude with Russians amid a torrent of allegations from media and political figures, the moment amounted to a near-total vindication. Although Mueller noted that his report did not ‘exonerate’ Trump on obstruction, Barr wrote, the ‘report does not recommend any further indictments, nor did the Special Counsel obtain any sealed indictments that have yet to be made public.'”