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Breaking: President Trump and First Lady Visit with U.S. Troops in Iraq

President Trump and the First Lady have made a surprise visit to Iraq to meet with U.S. troops and wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for their service.

The President traveled late on Christmas night and arrived at AL Asad Air Force Base, where he was also joined by National Security Adviser John Bolton.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted today, “President Trump and the First Lady traveled to Iraq late on Christmas night to visit with our troops and Senior Military leadership to thank them for their service, their success, and their sacrifice and to wish them a Merry Christmas.”

AP reporter Jill Colvin tweeted that the President said during his visit that he had “no plans at all” to withdraw troops from Iraq.

Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein tweeted that the President said of Syria, “It’s time for us to start using our head. We don’t want to be taken advantage of anymore.”

Reuters reporter Steve Holland tweeted that the president also said, “Our presence in Syria was not open ended and it was never intended to be permanent.”


Pathetic Magazine Analyzes Trump Christmas Photo: “You Can Feel the Tension”

The mainstream media just love to criticize and smear virtually every aspect of President Trump’s personal life–and even his official White House Christmas photo won’t be spared.

The beautiful photograph, which was taken on Dec. 15 by the First Lady’s photographer Andrea Hanks, has InStyle magazine very concerned.

“There’s more to an image than meets the eye,” writes InStyle, so the magazine consulted with body language expert Patti Wood to get to the bottom of things.

Wood told the magazine, “If you look at that photo and don’t move in on it tightly at all, you can feel the tension in it. There’s so many things that show affection, care, a desire to merge — that aren’t present.”

Woods also analyzed their smiles, and concluded that a staged photograph may involve a “forced” smile–go figure.

“Here you actually do see that they’re both smiling, but they’re tight, the lips are pulled back in a tight grin — a tight, forced grin,” she tells the publication.

But, what about their handhold? Surely that must be genuine.

Not to Woods: “It’s a loose handhold,” she says. “If you look at her hand, it is bent around his and slightly lifting his up. But you can see where he’s not fully joining in by the way that his thumb is awkwardly out. It’s very odd. If you look at it closely, you see that the thumb is straight and pointing at him as opposed to resting or curling around her, and doing what would be normal to show a return of affection.”

Their great posture is also a problem, according to the body language expert.

“One thing quite striking is how straight up and down each of them are,” she tells InStyle. “They’re not leaning towards each other, or curled or curved toward each other, which would be standard in a couple photo to show relationship and attachment or endearment. That’s not there.”

H/T Washington Times

First Lady Melania Trump Praises U.S. Military, Slams Media “Opportunists” in Rare Interview

First Lady Melania Trump sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity yesterday and gave a wide ranging interview where she discussed her support for the U.S. military and their families, her relationship with President Trump and slammed “opportunists” in the media who use her family’s name to advance their own agendas.

The First Lady made history yesterday when she flew in a V-22 Osprey aircraft on her way to visit military members and their families at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, and Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, VA.

Mrs. Trump also spent time on the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush where she spoke with Hannity about the importance of visiting with the military families.

“I wanted to come and visit military families and also the servicemen and women,” she said. “It’s very important that we support them. Holidays are coming. Not many of them they will be with their families. So for me it’s very important to show them that the president and I and the country where we are behind them.”

Mrs. Trump also discussed her relationship with the president, telling Hannity they had “great chemistry” when they met in 1998.

When asked what was the hardest thing she’s had to deal with since becoming first lady, Mrs. Trump replied, “I would say the opportunists. Using my name or my family name to advance themselves from comedians to journalists to performers, book writers…The problem is they are writing the history and it’s not correct.”

Trump Set to Fire More Key Administration Members

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Chief of Staff John Kelly and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will be fired in next few weeks.

NBC News is reporting that Kelly will be pushed out of the White House because of his clashes with First Lady Melania’s office and National Security Adviser John Bolton.

“There have been instances where the East Wing staff were not treated as equals to the male-dominated decision makers in Chief Kelly’s office,” one White House official told NBC. “Promotions were denied then finally granted after months of requests.”

Kelly also has also caused trouble for the first lady’s office over travel arrangements, allegedly not reserving space for Mrs. Trump’s two aides on Air Force One or on helicopters. Her aides would also be left without hotel rooms while traveling and these omissions have “caused last-minute logistical issues that the first lady viewed as a slight,” sources tell NBC.

Last month, Kelly got into a “shouting match” with Bolton over immigration, “startling” White House staff. CNN reported that Trump allegedly took Bolton’s side during the argument. Bolton (who favors a tougher approach to immigration) criticized Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for her handling of border security. Neilsen formerly served as Kelly’s deputy when he was in charge of Homeland Security.

The Washington Post reported that President Trump wants Nielsen “out as soon as possible,” deeming her performance on immigration enforcement as “lackluster.” According to the report, Trump has not been pleased with Nielsen for months.

President Trump acknowledged that his administration would likely encounter a shake-up, telling reporters last week, “As we make changes, we’ll sit down and talk to you about it. I mean, there’s no great secret,” he said. “A lot of administrations make changes after midterms. I will say that, for the most part, I’m very, very happy with this Cabinet. We’re doing a great job.”

When asked about John Kelly’s possible departure, Trump said he hadn’t “heard about John Kelly” departing, but said working at the White House is tiring.

“People leave. They come in, they’re here. It’s a very exhausting job,” he said. “I love doing it, I must tell you. But it’s exhausting for a lot of people.”

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