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Ep. 893 What Are They Hiding?

In this episode I address the “bombshell” NY Times report on the FBI counter intelligence investigation into the Trump team and why this is real...
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Ep. 864 The Epic Race Against Time to Expose the Truth

In this episode I address the race against time to expose the schemers who tried to take down the Trump team. I also debunk the latest liberal...
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Ep. 831 More Explosive Deep State Hijinks

In this episode I address the explosive new revelations about government insiders sabotaging the Trump team. I also discuss the media’s role in the...
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June 6, 2018: Ep. 736 No More Apologies

n this episode I address the allegations that NSA databases were being used to illicitly spy on the Trump team. I also address the big takeaways from...
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June 4, 2018: Ep. 734 Answering Ben Shapiro’s Spygate Questions

In this episode I cover explosive new revelations in the Spygate scandal about the origins of the case. I also address some questions Ben Shapiro has...
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April 24, 2018: Ep. 705 The Plot Thickens as the Dems Run Out of Options

In this episode I address the tangled web of connections that enabled the Obama team to spy on the Trump team while simultaneously minimizing the...
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January 22, 2018: Ep. 638 Can Washington DC Swamp Rats Ever Tell the Truth?

Make no mistake, the Democrats shut your government down. Stunning new text messages about the “investigation” into Hillary Clinton. The...
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January 19, 2018: Ep. 637 Release the Memo Now

A December piece which is critical to understanding the Obama administration’s coverup of their spying operation. Why is Simpson from Fusion GPS...
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January 12, 2018: Ep. 632 Just How Big of a Scandal is This?

Why are the Democrats rehabilitating the discredited Russian dossier? Here’s a theory. Here’s a report from May of 2017 which is troubling...
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January 10, 2018: Ep. 630 Exposing the Coverup of the Biggest Scandal in American History

Is this former Obama administration official covering up his role in the biggest scandal in American history? Either Fusion GPS was working as a...
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January 8, 2018: Ep. 628 The Biggest Scandal in American History is Unfolding

Read this astonishing timeline of what’s rapidly evolving into the biggest scandal in American history.
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November 14, 2017: Ep. 590 Please Fight Back, We Need You!

This Ben Shapiro article accurately sums up why we need to fight back and fight back now. Did you know that Media Matters, a George Soros funded...
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